MXoN Team News


Team Holland have selected Glen Coldenhoff, Herjan Brakke and Mike Kras. With Jeffrey Herlings giving signs of possibly racing in Lierop and Marc De Reuver showing good speed of late, it seems like this team might not be the strongest they could have picked.

We mentioned earlier today that Team Estonia has been picked with Tanel Leok, Gert Krestinov, Erki Kahro should be a top ten chance.

Brazilian Team for Motocross of Nations 2013 is formed by three young Yamaha riders. Rafael Faria (Open), Hector Assunção (MX1) e Anderson Cidade (MX2) will ride for a classification to the sunday finals.

Rafael Faria is the oldest rider of the team with 24 years old. This will be his second year at Nations. Last year he represented the country at Lommel, Belgium.

Anderson Cidade, 23 years old, made his debut at MXoN in 2010, when he raced at Lakewood, Colorado, USA. And Hector Assunção, 21 years old, will have his first time this year, at Teutschenthal, Germany.


“We are confident to go to the Final on sunday. Last year, we suffered a lot because we were not used to race on sand tracks like Lommel. I think this year, at Germany, we will find a track more similar with we have in Brazil and it will make things easier for us”, say Rafael Faria.

Manuel Carlos Hermano, known as “Cacau”, will be the manager of the team again, as he was in 2001 and 2012, both MXoN in Belgium.

The Team Brazil will have a support of Yamaha in Europe and Brazilian sponsors like ASW Race Wear, Circuit, Rock Parts, Monster Energy Drink, Pirelli and Grupo Geração.

Team Germany

Ken Roczen
Max Nagl
Dennis Ullrich

Team USA

Ryan Dungey
Eli Tomac
Justin Barcia

Team Belgium

Clement Desalle
Ken De Dycker
Jeremy van Horebeek

Team Australia

Dean Ferris
Tod Waters
Brett Metcalfe

Team Italy

Antonio Cairoli
Alessandro Lupino
David Philippaerts

Team New Zealand

Cody Cooper
Rhys Carter
Kayne Lamont

Team Great Britain

Tommy Searle
Jake Nicholls
Shaun Simpson

Team Holland

Glen Coldenhoff
Herjan Brakke
Mike Kras

Team France

Gautier Paulin
Jordi Tixier
Christophe Charlier

Team Estonia

Tanel Leok
Gert Krestinov
Erki Kahro

Team Brazil

Rafael Faria
Hector Assunção
Anderson Cidade

Team Switzerland

Arnaud Tonus
Jeremy Seewer
Valentin Guillod