Shaun Simpson interview – The future!!

Shaun Simpson has just experienced one of the most enjoyable things a person can experience in his life. Marriage to his girlfriend Rachel, and putting more of the puzzles of life into place. With more structure in his life, and recently signing for a new team, the Scotsman is more than happy to head into 2017 with a frame of mind he probably has never had in his career.

Probably the most interviewed rider this last week, with British websites,, and, and now MXlarge all getting hold of him to ask how he feels about his new team and what life experiences are awaiting him.

This is part one of the interview, monday comes part two.

MXLarge: Shaun, first up how was your wedding and honeymoon?

Simpson: It was great Geoff, I mean, I think I told you before, and we were thinking about it last night. When we got engaged it was the best day of my life, and up until our wedding day it was, but our wedding day totally exceeded what we thought it was going to be like. Just basically seeing everyone, from friends we have met, to friends from motorbikes, to Rachels family, just having all those people in one place, on what was the best day of our lives, that was amazing. The venue, the church, even the weather. We got married in St Andrews, the home of golf, and where we both went to school. From that side of things it was amazing and we couldn’t have hoped for a better day. We didn’t get much time before we headed to Mexico or our honeymoon, and we had great weather there too and two weeks of just enjoying ourselves and relaxing. We just recharged.

MXlarge: I can imagine getting married has sort of added an extra piece of the puzzle to a happy life, which we all know a happy person will perform at their best.

Simpson: I think so, it feels like the foundation blocks, with my career, meeting Rachel, getting engaged, getting married, the next obvious steps is starting a family. I am getting close to 30 years old, I am now 28, and you start to think, I have had a great life, and I have four or five years racing, but you do start to settling down, with some roots. We stayed home in Scotland this winter, we have a house in Scotland and we are starting to look forward. Its nice to let your mind wander a little bit and think about family and stuff and it makes you more settled and having the peace of all of that, makes you more motivated to get what you want, in my case in my sport, and in my wifes case, in her job.

MXlarge: I guess getting married and moving into a different phase of your life also makes you more relaxed and takes away a bit of the stress of racing? Gives you other things to think about.

Simpson: I think so, its weird you should bring that up, because I have thought about that a lot lately. I signed with a really good team for next year. I am really comfortable with the area the team is based. My roots are a bit settled and I know everyone in the industry. Also having a home now in Scotland, all these things go to enjoying life more, and I have said it 100 times, if you are happy in life, then you are happy in your job. I am really looking forward to having a really good pre-season and going into the GPs, and not setting big goals and just going and enjoying my riding, if I do that, then I will be alright.

MXlarge: I remember reading an interview with you somewhere, I think it was DirtBikeRider and you mentioned about the Yamaha. I was talking to Dean Ferris at the MXoN and he also mentioned how comfortable he was to be back on the Yamaha and getting great results again. I guess it’s a similar thing for you?

Simpson: I haven’t actually ridden the bike yet, but I am going to Holland next week and will ride it for the first time. Its weird, because I already feel like I know how it will feel. I really enjoyed riding it in 2013 and I can’t wait to get back on the blue machine. I never wanted to leave Yamaha, but I went where the deals were and I am just looking forward to getting back on a bike I always enjoyed riding. You know these days, everyone is on the same speed, apart from maybe a couple of guys, so its all down to the start and self confidence. I like to use Valentin Guillod as an example. He won a couple of races in the MX2 class against Herlings. He didn’t’ change too much about himself, and he came slowly up, and his confidence grew and he got good results.

MXlarge: You have been in a bunch of teams, from factory to privateer and you have been in teams that have struggled somewhat with budgets. From what I understand this new team will have more than enough budget. Does that also make it rather enjoyable to know that side is covered, and there won’t be any penny pinching?

Simpson: Yes it is and Louis (team owner) is serious about his motocross. He has been heavily involved in motocross and heavily involved in motocross sponsorship for years now. Everyone knows the name and it’s part of his ways. He stood up to the plate and took on the Yamaha team, and he has supported me a lot. I know he wants things to be right and he doesn’t want to throw away money, but he wants to spent it in the right areas. A lot of teams spend it on the team looking nice, and of course Louis wants the team to look professional, but he also wants to invest in the bike, the machinery and the riders. That is important it’s the same concept that Steve Turner had this year and I can’t knock anything Steve did for me. I think this package is a great one and as you said Yamaha are also involved and they have invested into the team. It’s a 20 rounds series and its nice to know we will be 100% ready for it.

MXlarge: I did an interview with Arnaud (Tonus), your new team-mate a week or so ago, and we talked about you, and we both agreed you are a good guy and open minded. I said to him I can’t imagine having a better team-mate than you, but on the other hand, Arnaud is also a really nice, open minded guy. I can imagine you guys working really well together. He has a great technique and I can imagine you both learning a lot from each other.

Shauns answer in part two of the Simpson interview on Monday