McGrath on AMA SX in Europe

Our good friend Eric Johnson did a pretty cool interview (for RacerXonline) with one of the nicest guys to ever throw a leg over a motocross bike, Jeremy McGrath.

You can read the whole interview right here. As you all know we have been busy getting as much information on the new that the AMA Supercross possibly heading to Europe in the future, maybe 2018 or 2019.

Below you can read the comments of McGrath about AMA Supercross heading to Europe.

“Listen, I think the idea sounds really cool on paper, but anywhere you go outside of the U.S., supercross is really like arenacross. To me, when those guys from MotoGP come over here to race, they race Austin. One of the best tracks ever. But when we go race supercross, you’re not going to find an Anaheim stadium anywhere in the world except for Anaheim, California. The U.S. has all the sweet places to race and all the good tracks. I’m not against going over and doing something different. I think that having a world schedule is probably not a bad idea, but they tried that a while ago when we went to Germany and all these other places but supercross always turns out like arenacross when you do that. To me, that’s a drop down from the level it’s at now. There are probably venues around the world now are like an Anaheim or other American stadiums. Again, I think it’s probably something they should try. I don’t know about throwing it on a schedule for ’17, ’18, or ’19 or whatever they are going to do. If they can have a big enough place and a big enough track, then it’s probably an okay idea. But going over somewhere else and racing indoors at a place that’s half the size of a supercross track? I don’t agree with that. It’s got to be real.”