Jack Brunell interview

When it comes to racing indoors, there are not too many Brits quicker than Team Green Kawasaki rider Jack Brunell. While the leading GP riders take the winter off, Brunell goes into overdrive as he works the European indoor season. Racing all corners of Europe, the young Brit is excited to battle his team-mate Tommy Searle at this years Arenacross series.

Coming into the opening round in January Brunell knows that its going to take a big effort to battle the likes of Searle, but the challenge is what also motivates him. He was kind enough to take our call after winning an indoor event in Holland over the weekend.


MXlarge: Firstly, congratulations on your win last weekend. Can you explain your weekend in Holland?

Brunell: Yes, I raced in Holland. First night was a disaster. I got taken out in the first corner and came through to third and then crashed again and finished 8th, I was gutted about that. Second night I got a holeshot and won it, so that was good.

MXlarge: It is really your time of the year, with all these indoor races and some prizemoney to be taken. How much do you enjoy this period of the year?

Brunell: I love it, everything is inside, nothing gets dirty, and just the atmosphere with the crowd. I’ve done like 10 races in Europe already, and now I have a few weeks off with Christmas and then we get into the Arenacross which starts in January. That’s all I do, and I do these races to prepare for the Arenacross, I want to win it this year.

MXlarge: Obviously, the Arenacross is the biggest series in the UK and I am guessing the best indoor series in Europe. You could probably tell me if that is true or not. How would you describe the series?

Brunell: It is a great series. Track wise they do a great job, and Justin does a great job, but the dirt can sometimes be pretty wet, we don’t have the weather in UK this time of year. Justin really does a brilliant job with the dirt he has. The European tracks are good, because they have a lot of clay. Last year a couple of the tracks were really wet, but they are not on the schedule this year. Seven rounds and I am really looking forward to it. The series is going to be even bigger this year.


MXlarge: You mentioned you have done 10 races. I only went to the SMX and Arnhem, and I was surprised how small the crowds were. Which events stood out for you?

Brunell: The crowds haven’t been that big. Massive stadiums sometimes, but the crowds haven’t been good. I mean the race in Holland on the weekend, it wasn’t a big crowd, but they sure make a lot of noise. They loved it in Holland. I have raced in Poland, Sweden, then Sweden again, also Lille Supercross. The crowds are there, in Lille it was the best crowd. The French go nutty, they were a good crowd. It didn’t look like a lot on television, but when you are at the race it was great. The television didn’t do it justice.

MXlarge: Obviously, these races often try and have a lot of different nationalities, from Americans to Australians and Brits. Do you sometimes feel like you are riding for your country?

Brunell: Races like that, you need to get invited, so that is pretty good. Obviously, Lille had Tommy there and Jake also, and I managed to get in last minute. They try and get guys from different countries, but Lille I just went for the experience. There are not many British guys who do a lot of the European races, so they try and invite me over, which is great. Every opportunity I get I try and race.

MXlarge: And the Arenacross this year, they have a pretty good rider line up. What are you hoping for?

Brunell: We have Tommy riding in the Team Green lineup, the same team as me. I am going there to win it. The preparation I have had this year has been one of the best preparation I have had. We will go to the first round and do the best I can.

MXlarge: Do you have a favorite round?

Brunell: Obviously the closest to me is Wembley, which is in London, that would be my favorite because all my family come and watch. Birmingham is good, but I am looking forward to all of them really, it’s a good series this year.