Thomas Ramette interview

Defending Arenacross champion Thomas Ramette from France knows that the job ahead of him isn’t an easy one. Racing for the SR75 World Suzuki team Ramette knows it is also an important series for his team, and will do everything in his powers to once again take home the series victory.

Ramette has had a pretty successful 2016, becoming UK Arenacross champion sx 2016, Vice champion de france 2016 outdoor, Vice champion de france 2016 indoor, King of Poland 2016, King of Stocklom 2016 and King of supercross yonne 2016.

We caught up with Ramette this week and asked him about his season, and how he finds the Arenacross events.


MXlarge: Obviously for you indoor guys, it’s a really busy time of the year.

Ramette: It’s been pretty busy, I start my 2017 season in January for the Arenacross UK, and I ended my season 2016 a week ago, at the Geneva Supercross. I did 45 nights of racing this year, if I include the AMA Supercross I did at the start of the season.

MXlarge: Tell me a little about your American racing?

Ramette: It went good, I started going to US in 2015 with my UK team SR75 World Suzuki, in 2015 it went well, we qualified for two 450 main events and I finished 15th in Las Vegas, so that was really good and beyond my expectations. This year was good, I went to Daytona, but unfortunately, I crashed at the start of the LCQ and I didn’t make the main, but we went back for Vegas and I trained really good on the Suzuki track, so good training and I was feeling good, but the rain came and it was a nightmare for everyone. I was second in the LCQ with two turns to go behind Brayton, but I crashed and I couldn’t pick up the bike to finish.

MXLarge: With 45 races, there must be a favorite race for you?

Ramette: Being French, I would have to say Lille/Bercy is a big one. A lot of television, a lot of media and it’s the biggest supercross race in Europe. A big crowd and even if Bercy, Paris was in my opinion better, it’s still nice stadium and track in Lille. It’s a nice race.


MXlarge: You have raced a lot of good guys in the last two months. That seems like the perfect preparation for the Arenacross.

Ramette: Yes, of course, it’s a really good training to be racing with guys like Musquin, or Barcia or Malcolm Stewart. It is really nice, even if the tracks are not like in France, they are much easier. There isn’t a big whoops section, but that makes the start more important, but for sure racing those guys is perfect preparation for Arenacross.

MXlarge: Talking about the Arenacross, I spoke to Jack Brunell, he mentioned how much he is looking forward to racing it as it’s his home series. How are you looking forward to it as defending champion?

Ramette: It’s a really nice championship. Really professional, and as I mentioned I am riding for a UK team, so it is an important championship for me and the team. This year we have seven races. The dirt has been wet, but they made big improvements with the dirt, its more slippery than wet. It doesn’t get that rutted, but it makes good racing.

MXlarge: A lot of good riders racing this series, including Tommy Searle, but also a lot of your countrymen. Who stands out for you, as your biggest challenge?

Ramette: It will be big, some French riders, of course Soubeyras will be my big rival, I think Tommy will do well, he surprised me in Lille. He wasn’t riding well at the start, but improved all weekend. I think he is in US training and for sure a podium guy. There will be also Adam Chatfield, he was riding well at the end of the season. I think four or five guys can win it.

MXlarge: Obviously coming from France, you know the French fans are pretty crazy, but the British fans also. How do you get received in the British races, racing against British riders?

Ramette: I get a good reception. The Audience is always friendly with me and I think they like to see French riders there, and of course they support their home riders, and I have no problem with that. It’s a great atmosphere at these races.

MXlarge: Do you have a favorite round for the Arenacross?

Ramette: I really like Birmingham. It’s the best dirt and the best race of the season.