Fox MX | Instinct Boots

Fox MX Instinct Boots, not only do they look great, but they are one of the best protections for riders like Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen and Tim Gasjer.

Since its inception, the Fox Instinct Boots has proven itself to be the world’s fastest boot by winning the past four Supercross and motocross championship titles. See why champions like Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen trust their Instincts.
  • Hinge Lockout stops motion before hyper extension
  • Exclusive Duratac Fox rubber compound provides unprecedented grip and durability on the sole and burn guard
  • A slim medial design keeps you close to the bike with the Duratac burn guard giving grip
  • Low ride chassis gets the riders foot lower and closer to the foot peg
  • Flawless buckle operation every time
  • Slim toe box for easy shifting and a slimmer overall profile