Cedric Soubeyras interview

RFX Suzuki Team rider Cedric Soubeyras is one of the most exciting of the arenacross riders in the world, and with the 2017 Arenacross series starting in a couple of weeks, the British public will get to enjoy his antics and ruthless riding style. We caught up with the Frenchman and asked him about the coming season.

Mxlarge: Cedric, what are you up to now?

Soubeyras: Right now, I am in my off season. I stopped riding since Geneva (finale of the SX tour season). I had to get an operation on my left femur. I should get back on the bike for the 1st of January. My 2016 season was busy. I had 52 days of race on 38 weekends. 30 weekends of SX (AX – AMA SX – Euro SX – SX tour – International SX).

MXlarge; Do you have a favorite and why?

Soubeyras: I would say first my final at the shootout in Vegas. And my last final in Geneva where I rode without clutch lever. But still got the title.

MXlarge: The arenacross series in UK is very well run. what do you like about it?

Soubeyras: I really like the announcers, the crowd, the atmosphere is on fire, I love it. I also like the organization, that the federation give penalty when we deserve it. I got one last year that I deserved. I had nothing to say. If a move is not sport they take decision immediately. In France, it’s slower, but getting better.

MXlarge: What do you hope for from the arenacross in 2017?

Soubeyras: That the crowd gets on their feet every race! I hope that no one get any injury and that everybody stay’s fair, that we have great battles and the best is going to win.

MXlarge: Who do you think will be your biggest rival in the UK and why?

Soubeyras: Every single rider is a rival. We are in Arenacross. We are selected. So, we are kind of the best euro level that you can find.

MXlarge: Any chance of seeing you do some AMA races in 2017?

Soubeyras: I would love to, but last year it costed me a lot of money, it was hard to organize all by myself. But if I find a team who can organize me on a couple of races over there on my free weekends I would love to race again there.

MXlarge: Can you explain your team in the UK for me please?

Soubeyras: My team will be from the first of January to the last AX, the RFX Suzuki Team. Paul Irwin is the boss, Rob my mechanic from last year will be my mechanic again. I have two good team mates. Angelo Pellegrini will be a great rival for the championship.

MXlarge: How have you performed in the UK in the past?

Soubeyras: I was in trouble on my private life last year, I was not 100% in it. In the final I had bad luck and this is what cost me the championship. Everything is behind from now. New start.

MXlarge: How are the tracks for the arenacross?

Soubeyras: A bit Small and too easy for 450 bikes. I wish that we had proper whoops and rhythm section. Right now, everybody can be fast in any section. I would be cool if we had tough tracks!

MXlarge: Do you have a favorite arenacross round?

Soubeyras: I like them all. I like especially the fans who come around every weekend.

MXlarge: How do you find the British public?

Soubeyras: Their cool and get crazy when the race is on. I love them and they love AX! That’s awesome!