Belgian title – Two Rounds

Just two rounds of the national championship that was once the most powerful in Europe. No doubt without a world champion in the field, and riders like Everts, Smets and Bervoets long retired, the Belgian Motocross Championship sure has gone into a downward spiral.

Its hard to see it as being a good thing, but the promoters of the Belgian motocross championships hope it will work out for the better, just two rounds in 2017.

Spokesman Olivier Rougraff is excited for the 2017 championship and hopes to see the best Belgian riders involved.

“”I am very happy to announce today that the Belgian Masters of Motocross 2017 will be composed of a contest organized on 13 and May 14, 2017 in Nismes and another match on 29 and July 30, 2017 Gooik-Kester. Our goal is indeed to see fight the best Belgian riders for the national title in two high-quality matches at beautiful circuits in Belgium,”

“Because of the number of rounds limited to two, we rely on the presence of all Belgian riders. Moreover, we hope to attract the best international riders. A field with Jeremy Van Horebeek, Clement Desalle, Kevin Strijbos, Ken De Dycker, Damon Graulus, Brent Vandoninck … complemented by valuable riders like Steve Ramon, Jens Getteman Jeffrey Dewulf, Kristof Salaets, Yentel Martens, Dennis Verbruggen, Jurgen Wybo, Steve Seronval Kevin Strong, Jeremy DELINCE, Nick Triest, Andy Truyts Sven Breugelmans, Thomas Vilvorder David Segers, … the interest in motocross in Belgium could provide a new impetus. ”

The Nismes round will in principle take place on the beautiful track “Saint-Joseph. The contest organized by AMC Dworp the Future will take place at a new site in Gooik where the club has a hilly area of 13 ha.

The rounds will be spread over two days. On Saturday, the riders of the categories Nationals and Inters will participate in a qualifying race MX1 and MX2 to qualify for the games Belgian Masters MX1 or MX2 Belgian Masters on Sunday. The World Championship riders will be automatically qualified. Foreign riders may also participate but only Belgian riders will be able to obtain the national title.

The program on Sunday will end with a final ‘Super Master’, where the best riders in MX1 and MX2 race for good prizemoney. The winner wins 7000euro, second place 5000euro, the third 3000euro, the fourth and fifth 2000euro 1000euro.