Roczen and Hallman – The Suit

While I think Ken Roczen is great for the sport, and has the power to take it to another level, his suit intro isn’t something that is that new.

Back in the 1960’s one of the sports first legends, Torsten Hallman, plus a lot of his competition wore suits to press conferences. Kenny is a good kid, and is exciting for the sport. But let us not forget the past and the riders who led young kids like Roczen, McGrath, Everts, Carmichael, Geboers and others into their eras.

Below is a cool comment from Torsten Hallman on Ken Roczen and that suit.

“At the LA1 Supercross press conference on Thursday Ken Roczen caused a big buzz when he, according to the media, set a new standard attending the press conference dressed up in a suit and tie to represent the sport! Hey, nothing is new in this world – this is a photo of me at the press conference after winning all classes at the LA Hopetown Grand Prix 1966 – over fifty years ago!”


And here is Kenny in his suit. (Kit Palmer image). Both Hallman and Roczen looking sharp in their suits.