Tomac, Webb and Dungey interview

Just as we have done all AMA Supercros season, here is the transcribed comments from the 450 podium guys from the Oakland round. Winner Eli Tomac, second Ryan Dungey and third Cooper Webb.

Cooper Webb comments

Mainly just the mentality of it all really. I think I am gaining confident and getting better and better. The bike is coming around, we are doing some racing and racing for me is the best way to push the bike and myself. I think that was the main thing. Today was a good day and sometimes you just have those days when you know it’s going to be a good day.

I made a mistake and got some dirt clogged in my brake and I couldn’t get it out. I wanted to be on the podium and Eli was coming and I know he wanted it too. You get into your groove where you feel comfortable, but when stuff like that happens (an altercation with Jason Anderson), you have to get back on it and push it again. I was glad to regroup and still get up here.

At first I was trying to pace myself off Ryan. A little later I saw Eli was coming and I saw he was doing that section. He kind of got going around the half way and that was when I started thinking a lot. It is tough that line of putting in the effort and that line of pushing it and getting a little sketchy. Trying to have a good race and for me I tried to follow him and made a few mistakes. I think that is when I kind of settled and just rode it out.

Chads and my set-ups are quite different, so for me, it’s just little stuff I have been working on and there is just so much stuff you can get out of your bike on a practice track. Coming to the races, the first couple were so different, with layouts and stuff like that. You feel like you make a step in the week, and then you get to the race track and its totally different. For me I didn’t change too much stuff, kind of just went back to the basics and went from there.

I am excited (going East), I have never been, so it will be nice to be back on the east.

Ryan Dungey comments

The track was pretty tough, there were some spots where I was a little uncomfortable, I think for all of us riders. A track like that, it brings out the rider and the talent and you have to put it all together. We went for it at the beginning, opened up a nice little lead. I could gauge where Eli was, I saw he was doing that rhythm lane. It was a good night, I was happy with it, just a couple of spots. It’s not a bike thing, and we will work on it to make it better. I was just losing some time in some spots, but where I started out, I am happy with it.

For me it was good (to do the semi). I needed more laps, because I felt practice I didn’t have the flow. I got out front and I could try some things with the bike and get some more track time. More the way it would be in the main event. It was a positive doing the semi.

I personally like the two practices. I feel like two practices, but 8 minutes isn’t enough. For a track like this, that is getting roughed up and is constantly changing, it takes more to get used to, so it was nice to have the semi to get more lap time. It’s a bit mellow during the day, you know we are not just boom, boom, boom. I mean I think two practices, but maybe 12 minutes or go back to the old way, two 15 minutes’ practises. I am not upset, but it’s getting to a point, like, you got 16 minutes out there and how many laps do you really get before its time to go racing. So you are kind of getting to the minimum, so you are lucky if you get comfortable. That is what you got to do, but it is very minimal. I think we need to downside how many riders/practices we have and make the practices longer. It is something to talk about I think.

I mean, I think I wanted to do better. You put a good lap in in practice and you are ninth and you are like gee, that was all I had. For the team, we went back and we decided to do some changes, which went good, and you know. A track like this requires a good set-up, it’s not just a hard pack track where you can get away with a lot. I wasn’t frustrated, I was just wanted to be better. In the end I know everyone is just throwing a hot lap out there. You know, we were fighting it a little bit, but we made a positive of it and we came out better and that is all I can ask for. If we struggled winning the main event and still fought it, it would have been a disappointment, but we have a good group of people, so it worked out good.

I am excited to head back east, the west coast is good, but east coast rounds are pretty fun, the stadiums are really nice and the dirt is good. Heading to a different part of the country, its good.

Eli Tomac comments

That line was good, but I was struggling with flow all day and it was pretty bad. In the heat race I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing really, it was pretty bad and I was buried. The semi race a saving grace for me. Getting out there and breathing and going for it. I had a bad gate pick and I got beat on the start, but I was able to blow some nerves out and some cobwebs, and just went to the main, and found it.

I mean, it was tough, there were spots where you could make a pass and some places you couldn’t. You could run up on a guy, like before the finish, I would get on the outside of guys going into the whoops section, but you would kind of stay behind them there. There were other good parts, like the sweeper, where you could get underneath, or maybe even the whoops. You had to pick and choose for sure.

I mean, it’s good for the most part as long as you feel good for how you are going, but for me those first couple of rounds I would have liked it the old way because how bad I was going. For the most part its consistent and I like it.

For me it was just nice to get more laps in the semi and get the sections like the dragon back or that big line by the mechanics. It was good, apart from the bad gate pick.

I am all for two longer practices and get rid of the free thing for sure.