Dean Wilson interview

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider Dean Wilson has made a nice return to racing for a factory team. Riding as a privateer for the opening few rounds, the Scottish rider is now full factory and his results show he is back on it.

A top ten result in Oakland last weekend and don’t be surprised to see the number 15 move closer to the top five when the circuits head to the tacky tracks of the east coast. Here is how he felt last weekend.

“I like the sound of being a factory rider. It feels good, really good. It feels a lot more rewarding. I am just so happy to have this opportunity, it is amazing and I want to make the best out of it, make everyone proud, my family, my friends, the fans. I have worked hard and will continue and hopefully we start to get better results.

“We had two days on the bike before Oakland. If I am on the team, I will ride that thing with half a day testing. What is so nice compared to when I was on my own, it’s the support. I had three guys working on my bike at once. It isn’t like I haven’t had that before, but the appreciate is different. I was tightening my own chain, doing all that stuff, filling my gas up, doing my chain. Now I just make sure I am hydrated and ready to go. Maybe I have to tell them to work on the suspension or whatever, and that is the difference from a privateer and being factory. You are just really taken care of. Whatever you need to get better they will do and it was nice testing all day, that is awesome.

“I would say I am more motivated than ever. I wouldn’t say it was hard being pitting out of the truck, there is nothing wrong with that. Pitting out of a semi isn’t going to make you a top five rider, it’s you who makes you up front. Of course it’s awesome, but what makes me do well is having a clear mind and good people around me, good bike and good team, and confidence.

“I’ll take today (Oakland) as a pretty good positive. I qualified really well – I haven’t been on the board all year – ended up sixth overall so that was a great start. It’s such an exciting week for me since getting on the team. I fell first lap of my heat race in the sand. I went into the semi, made the pass for third, but then made a rider error and crashed again. I went into the LCQ – I just put in all the laps tonight – and won that. I went into the main event and was in a seventh position battle and was feeling pretty good, but then just got kind of tired in the end. The track was gnarly, but I survived and got 10th – my first top 10 of the year – so I’ll take it and move on from here.”