Jeremy Seewer interview

It has been a strange old career for young Swiss rider Jeremy Seewer, a career that hasn’t seen him win much on the big scene, but come very close. Since his career started back in 2005, he won two Swiss junior titles, but since has finished second in German junior championships, second in the Junior world championship, second in the EMX250 and last year second in the MX2 world championship.

For a quality rider, a rider with a lot of skill, it’s crazy to think he hasn’t even won a GP or even a moto in the world championships. 2017 can be so different.

Motivated and full of confidence, the Stefan Everts Suzuki Factory rider is one of the heavy favourites for success this year, and you can be sure, he will win moto’s and GP’s in 2017, and who knows, maybe he can finally stand on top of the podium at the end of a season.

Our guy at the races, David Bulmer talked to him last weekend at the Hawkstone Park International. As always Seewer was very controlled in his answers, and the total professional.

MXlarge: Jeremy, first race of the year in Hawkstone Park last weekend. Where you excited for the season to start and what did you expect from Hawkstone?

Seewer: Of course I am, it’s been a long, but as the same time short winter, because the time runs fast. I take it easy, there was nothing to win in Hawkstone, the season starts in Qatar. I just wanted to relax and make it a good practice out of it.

MXLarge: You probably go into this season as the favourite finishing behind Jeffrey last year?

Seewer: Yes, I am. We finished in second the year before, so you are always the main title contender, but that is just on paper, it doesn’t always end up that way. In real life it isn’t that easy and there are plenty of good riders who could make a big step this year, surprise us on the track. I can handle it well, and I am ready for this situation and I am just going to try my best.

MXLarge: Are you looking forward to it in a way, because everyone has been in the shadow of Jeffrey, and now you get the show people there are top quality riders in the MX2 class and in your own right.

Seewer: I have worked all my life for this, since I was a small kid I wanted to be world champion, so why should I be scared now and go out there too nervous. I should just enjoy this moment and be happy to be in the position of a title contender, and that is what I will try to do. We will see how it works.

MXlarge: How has the training gone, have you improved your training or anything like that?

Seewer: There is not a magic trick to do it, it is just hard work and a lot of riding. Try and improve the bike as much as possible. That is what we have done a lot and the team has been working really hard to make the bike competitive in the start and it worked out well. My side just fitness, try and get better and better and try and be strong for such a long period of time. I just try to don’t put too much pressure, because that gives mistakes and just keep having fun.

MXlarge: It’s a long season 19 GPs, are you ok with not winning races, because obviously you haven’t won one yet. What stage do you want to win or are seconds and third ok?

Seewer: Of course, I want to win races, nothing feels better I think than standing on top of the podium after a GP. I think you never need the red plate to steal the gold one at the end of the season, but of course I want to win races and not be second and third all the time.

MXlarge: Last year Switzerland was one of the best GP’s of year in my opinion. Are you looking forward to getting back there and make even more of a name there?

Seewer: Of course, I hope so. It’s still a long way and I think race for race, but if it happens again if I can come to Switzerland as one of the main guys, like I was last year, then more spectators will come out because it will be getting more and more popular. I would be another dream that comes true.

Mxlarge: Obviously you have to share the spotlight with Arnaud who has returned to Grand Prix racing this year, but it’s a good time for Swiss motocross with you, Arnaud, and Valentin (Guillod).

Seewer: Yes, it is, and we are really lucky. I think its good Arnaud came back to the GPs to push again over here and we have three good Swiss riders in the GPs. I don’t know what happens after us if there are some good young riders coming in up Switzerland. It is difficult at the moment, but I think every country is in the same situation.

Ray Archer images

Ray Archer images

Jeremy Seewer profile

Machine RM-Z250-WS
Date of Birth 18 July 1994
Home Town Bülach
Height 1.72cm
Weight 66kg
Marital Status Girlfriend
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Hobbies MTB, BMX, everything on wheels, friends
Likes Animals, technical things,
Dislikes War, terrorists, too many green people
Favourite Movie 96 hours 1/2, Friends with benefits & a lot more…
Favourite Food Crêpes, pasta, lasagne
Favourite Circuit Saint-Jean-d’Angely, Payerne, Matterley Basin, Maggiora
First Race SJMCC Schöneberg Mehrenschwand 2003
Greatest Moment Junior Vice World Champion (victory second race) / 1st MX2 Podium
Ambition Winning!
Personal Sponsors IXS: , REMAX:, Albin Mühle:,  Kracher: 100%:  SIDI: Moto91: SHOEI:

Race History

2016: 2nd FIM World MX2 Championship
: 5th FIM World MX2 Championship/ 5th Motocross of Nations – Team Switerland / 3th ADAC MX Masters Championship
2014: 10th FIM World MX2 Championship
2013: 2nd European MX250 Championship
2012: ADAC MX Youngster Cup Champion/ 5th place European MX250 Championship
2011: Junior Vice World Champion / 3rd European Championship U17 / 12th Motocross of Nations – Team Switerland
2010: 16th Youth World Championship
2009: 2nd ADAX MX Junior Cup / 7th European Champioship / 11th Youth World Championship
2008: Swiss Champion 85cc
2005: Swiss Champion 65cc
2003: First Race