Musquin, Seely and Anderson – Talk

As we do every weekend, here are the transcribed comments from the 450 podium guys from the press conference this morning. Marvin Musquin, Cole Seely and Jason Anderson. Simon Cudby image

Marvin Musquin comments

Actually, I was super calm, trying to stay relaxed and not put any pressure on myself. I had a great start, and was basically pacing myself with the guys behind. I mean I was looking behind and the gap was pretty good. Cooper was behind and I guess he crashed and I was looking behind and Cole was second. I was just doing my things and doing my laps. I was just staying calm. It happened, I didn’t make any big mistakes, and stay on the bike. Last year in Atlanta I had the pressure of Ryan Dungey behind me, and today I was pretty much by myself. So it’s kind of not weird, but defiantly more relaxed. If I had have won in Atlanta last year it probably would have been more crazy than today, with the pressure of Ryan behind. I am really happy.

Yes, the whoops, like they said, they were actually decent size in practice, but they definitely broke down and you were able to jump through and that is the way I like to do it. I know I can be consistent when I do that. It was fun, but it got really choppy in the turn before and when you jumped you had to land it like really nice and precise, because if you land sideways or come up short in the whoops it can be pretty sketchy. A lot of crashes during practice. Other than that it was a good track, not narrow, but really tight. The big triple you would go inside and then a really tight turn. It was technical but really hard to pass.

I think it was the dirt, like we said the whoops, but also the turns, they had some good ruts, but it started to get choppy, and icy and you could see some Chinese spots. Some spots you could get really good traction, but underneath it would get really hard. You had to be careful and when trying to pass some of the guys you tried too hard and made mistakes. The whoops got super hard and a little rocks maybe. It was pretty sketchy.

For me (before the restart) wasn’t at the back, but I was middle of the pack. I didn’t get a great start, and I saw the red flag. You don’t want to see that, but you try and stay calm and you are like you have a second chance and I made it happen.

Tonight we did a lot of laps, more than 20, and it felt long. We used to do 20 laps, at the end we did 20 minutes and that is it. We also looked at the clock and it said five minutes and usually you are almost done. Tonight was defiantly more laps. I think we get used to it now and just finish the moto I guess.

When I see the podium I am pretty happy to see Jason and Cole. Tonight to be together on the podium it’s pretty cool and it shows we are working hard. I proved I was one of the fastest in practice, but last week I got ninth and I was one of the fastest guys. It proves anything can happen and you have to put everything together and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a tough sport, but that is what makes it so exciting.

Jason Anderson comments

For sure, my practice day was good. I went into that heat race and Mooky took a digger and his bike went up in the air and I got close-lined, and looped out and my bike was in the other section, so to come back from that and end up on the podium, I am super excited about that, and it’s cool to be on the podium, I want to stay up here.

The Rhythm section on the side (was difficult). You could go different ways, like double three, and in the main, it was super tough, then obviously the whoops broke down. Marv always jumps through it, the French way to do it I guess. For me I was blasting them, but the track was gnarly, it was tough, technical for sure.

My starts are not the greatest, and as I was coming through the pack I saw almost every single thing happen. With Cooper I don’t know what happened, it looked like a bike issue. Then Tomac pushed the front end up on a landing of the triple. It was crazy at the back of the pack. I don’t know what happened to Tomac but we ended up lapping him. Lucky to survive I guess.

I was way back before the restart. I didn’t have a good gate pick and it sucks to see somebody go down. It sucks, you don’t ever want to see a red flag.

I looked up at the clock, and it said seven minutes, and it’s weird because some of the tracks are smaller on the west coast with some of those baseball stadiums. I felt like when I saw seven minutes we still did 10 laps, but at the end of the day we all work hard, we will all be up there.

As for us three being on the podium. It’s been a little bit of a different journey, but as far as Marvin doing the world championship and then coming over here, and me, it took a little time in the 250 class. It’s cool to see us work hard and be up here, it’s cool.

Cole Seely comments

I think keep doing what we are doing, it’s working. We are sorting this bike out for sure and the teams done an awesome job. I really have to hand it to Andrew Short, with testing and he has been keeping me mentally strong while I am out there. My riding coach Jeff Ward, for putting in the time and it’s been paying off.

For me the whoops (where difficult). The second set, I could see Marvin picking his wheel up and doing something crazy there, that’s how he was gapping me there. I just did my best impression of what he was doing and that worked out pretty well, but that was the hardest part for me.

I was only aware of Cooper, not sure if he got a flat or not. That was the only one I was aware of. I caught a glimpse of Tomac when he went down. You were kind of riding 80% and if you tried to push it, it was really a risk, am I going to make up a 10th or two, or am I going to lose half a second by making a huge mistake. It was like an ice rink out there; it was really slick.

I was super bummed, JB (Justin Brayton) is one of my best friends, and it’s tough to see another rider go down, especially when it’s one of your close friends. It was tough for sure, but it actually made me mad, so I was fifth spot or something and I was super aggressive to get into third or whatever.

The biggest thing is staying focused for so many competitive laps, it’s so repetitive, and you kind of get bored seeing the same thing so many times. That is what we train for and we all do the same thing.

I am not that young, and in my third year in the 450 class. Our teams have a lot invested into us and to show we are the future of supercross, motocross or whatever it may be. I am not saying the older guys are finished.