Darian Sanayei interview – USA Talent

Darian Sanayei might not be one of the favourites for this year’s MX2 world championship, but you can be sure, by seasons end he might just do what Chad Reed did back in 2001, and be a regular podium guy, maybe even a GP winner.

The very talented American, who had scored podium finished at the famous Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals, and a rider who has ridden for the strong American Team Green unit is something of a talent. It wouldn’t surprise too many people if he did do well in 2017, and with the support of the Steve Dixon Monster Energy Kawasaki team, anything is possible.

Last year the rider from Monroe, Washington, signed a deal with Team Bud Racing/Monster Energy Kawasaki to ride first seven rounds of the 250SX West Region, and immediately thereafter, the European Motocross Championship in the EMX250 class.

Due to an injury he never did race the American series, but his performances in the EMX250 series, Sanayei excelled, winning six motos and was on the podium in six others to place second overall in the EMX250 series.

We caught up with the 20-year-old as he prepared for the 2017 season, and asked him about what he expects in 2017.

MXlarge: How is it to be back, because obviously you have been training in America where it’s better weather?

Darian Sanayei: It is pretty good to be back. I am more used to it this time. It’s good to be in England as well, because everybody speaks English.

MXlarge: How has your training been.

Darian Sanayei: When I was training in America I had a pretty good program, they had some good trainers there.

MXlarge: How do you see this year compared to last year?

Darian Sanayei: This year obviously I will have more knowledge, know what to expect. I am on a different team and I am enjoying that.

MXlarge: MX2 is very tough this year, with a lot of guys on the same level. Of course there are guys like Jonass and Seewer who should come in as the favourites, but there are a lot of guys like you, who could be podium guys, or even GP winners. How do you fit into the group?

Darian Sanayei: There are about four guys, who everyone is a little above everyone else is. Jonass has looked going fastest. It’s a long season and anything can happen and my goals it to keep it consistent and get good starts. I just want to be consistent.

MXlarge: Do you and Thomas talk, are you guys hanging out, because you are both American?

Darian Sanayei: Yes, we are friends, talk sometimes. I was planning on living with him in Belgium, but it worked out better with the team in England. We get on good and we will hang out between Qatar and Indonesia, because we will be over there for that week.

MXlarge: Is there any sort of rivalry between you two? Obviously Thomas has more experience and has won a GP, is there anything, like both you guys want to be the best America?

Darian Sanayei: I mean, everyone wants to win right, everyone wants to be the best. We don’t have any rivalry, I just want to learn from him, he’s been over here longer than me. It’s good to have him around and hopefully I can learn from him.

MXlarge: The interest from America for the GP’s has improved, even more so since Villopoto was over here. Is that exciting for you knowing that your countrymen are taking more notice? It must be nice to be part of that, people wanting to see how you are doing.

Darian Sanayei: Its growing more and more and people are taking more interest. It’s cool, and I really wanted to race in the MX2 class this year and I think the interest should be there for both of us.

MXlarge: Do you have any races you are looking forward to? Maybe the night race in Qatar, or something like that?

Darian Sanayei: I don’t know if it’s an advantage, it will be fun, and I have been to Monster Cup at night, and some other indoor things. I am just looking forward to racing all the rounds. I just want to be good in qualification, get a good gate pick, and I think if I can get good starts, I can do ok.

MXLarge: Do you have a position you are aiming for? Top ten, top five?

Darian Sanayei: I haven’t set a goal there yet, I know I will get better as the season goes and hopefully I will be near the front at the end.

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