Motocross Calendar – 2017


Take a look at the european calendar for the 2017 season. A lot of racing in a lot of countries.

2017 Motocross Championships – Calendar

April 9 Dutch Masters of Motocross – Harfsen
April 9 British Motocross Championship, Lyng
April 16 MXGP, ITALY Trentino EMX125, EMX250, Women
April 23 Australian Motocross Championship – NSW
April 23 MXGP, EUROPE Valkenswaard EMX125, EMX250
April 30 British Motocross Championship, Canada Heights
May 7 Australian Motocross Championship – QLD
May 7 MXGP, LATVIA Kegums EMX125, EMX250
May 14 Dutch Masters of Motocross – Emmen
May 14 British Motocross Championship, Hawkstone Park
May 20 AMA Nationals, Sacramento, California
May 21 Australian Motocross Championship – VIC
May 21 MXGP, GERMANY Teutschenthal EMX150, EMX300
May 27 AMA Nationals, San Bernardino, California
May 28 MXGP, FRANCE Ernée EMX125, EMX250, Women
May 28 Australian Motocross Championship – SA
June 3 AMA Nationals, Lakewood, Colorado
June 11 RUSSIA Orlyonok EMX250, EMX300
June 17 AMA Nationals, Mount Morris, Pennsylvania
June 18 British Motocross Championship, Desertmartin
June 24 AMA Nationals, Blountville, Tennessee
June 25 MXGP, Maggiora EMX125, EMX250, EMX300
July 1 AMA Nationals, Buchanan, Michigan
July 2 Australian Motocross Championship – NSW
July 2 MXGP, PORTUGAL Agueda EMX125, EMX250
July 8 AMA Nationals, Southwick, Massachusetts
July 14, 15 and 16 Dutch Masters of Motocross- Zwarte Cross
July 16 Australian Motocross Championship – VIC
July 16 British Motocross Championship, Blaxhall Circuit
July 22 AMA Nationals, Millville, Minnesota
July 23, MXGP, CZECH REP. Loket EMX65, EMX85, Women
July 29 AMA Nationals, Washougal, Washington
July 30 Australian Motocross Championship, NSW
July 30 British Motocross Championship, Preston Docks
August 12 AMA Nationals, New Berlin, New York
August 13 Australian Motocross Championship – QLD
August 19-20 Australian Motocross Championship – QLD
August 19 AMA Nationals, Mechanicsville, Maryland
August 6 MXGP, BELGIUM Lommel EMX125, EMX150, EMX300
August 13 MXGP, Frauenfeld/Gachnang EMX300, EMX250, Women
August 20 MXGP, SWEDEN Uddevalla EMX150, EMX125
August 26 AMA Nationals, Crawfordsville, Indiana
August 27 British Motocross Championship, Foxhill
September 10 MXGP, THE NETHERLANDS Assen EMX150, Women, Veteran
September 24 MXGP, PAYS DE MONTBELIARD (F) Villars sous Ecot EMX250, EMX300
October 1 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations – GREAT BRITAIN, Matterley Basin