Gajser wins moto one

HRC Factory rider Tim Gajser has won the opening moto of the MXGP class, at the Grand Prix of Argentina. It was a polished performance from the defending world champion, and a popular one. After the moto three men were within a few points of eachother in the championship, Cairoli, Gajser and Desalle. Exciting times for the MXGP class.

“Actually I am really happy. The track is so sketchy, and Jeremy was behind me all race and I just want to win the second one now.”

Bobryshev and Gajser took the first and second place on turn one, then came Van Horebeek, Tonus, Desalle, and Coldenhoff. Febvre was 11th and Herlings was back in 18th place.

Cairoli makes a mistake and drops back to 28th position. Herlings up to 12th on the first lap, and moving through fast.

Top ten after one lap was Gajser, Van Horebeek, Bobryshev, Desalle, Tonus, COldenhoff, Anstie, Paulin, Strijbos and Nagl.

Herlings in trouble again as he is back in 16th place, Simpson was 13th, and Cairoli up to 21st place.

Gajser is once again controlling the race with a three second lead over Van Horebeek, and Tonus is out of the race after a good start.

Febvre on fire as he moves into fifth place and closed up on the top three guys. Cairoli breezes past Herlings and moves into 13th place, relegating Herlings to 14th.

Top ten after seven laps was Gajser, Van Horebeek, Bobryshev, Desalle, Febvre, Anstie, Jasikonis, Nagl, Paulin and Strijbos.

Febvre is right onto Bobryshev and Desalle, and is looking sure to make the pass on both guys. Cairoli up to 12th place and Herlings still stick in 14th position.

Febvre moves past Bobryshev, and Cairoli moves into ninth place as he passes Simpson. Brilliant riding by the Italian. Paulin makes a brilliant pass on Anstie to move into sixth place.

Herlings made a couple of passes to finish in 12th place.

Gajser wins it from Van Horebeek, and Desalle.

 MXGP – Race 1 – Classification

1 243 Gajser, Tim SLO AMZS Honda 35:25.581
2 89 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL FMB Yamaha 35:32.731
3 25 Desalle, Clement BEL FMB Kawasaki 35:36.549
4 461 Febvre, Romain FRA FFM Yamaha 35:37.820
5 777 Bobryshev, Evgeny RUS MFR Honda 35:39.663
6 21 Paulin, Gautier FRA MCM Husqvarna 35:40.627
7 99 Anstie, Max GBR ACU Husqvarna 35:43.907
8 12 Nagl, Maximilian GER DMSB Husqvarna 35:44.849
9 222 Cairoli, Antonio ITA FMI KTM 35:45.592
10 24 Simpson, Shaun GBR ACU Yamaha 35:56.953
11 22 Strijbos, Kevin BEL FMB Suzuki 35:59.284
12 84 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KNMV KTM 36:05.306
13 27 Jasikonis, Arminas LTU LMSF Suzuki 36:07.144
14 259 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KNMV KTM 36:19.421
15 92 Guillod, Valentin SUI FMS Honda 36:24.314
16 17 Butron, Jose ESP RFME KTM 36:29.423
17 999 Goncalves, Rui POR FMP Husqvarna 36:49.845
18 911 Tixier, Jordi FRA FFM Kawasaki 36:58.184
19 77 Lupino, Alessandro ITA FMI Honda 37:06.538
20 60 Salazar, Jetro ECU FPEM Honda 35:26.841
21 179 Poli, Joaquin ARG CAMOD Honda 35:35.270
22 171 Luzzardi, Juan Pablo ARG CAMOD KTM 36:43.022
23 707 Arco, Victor Dario ARG CAMOD Suzuki 36:50.732
24 58 Carranza, Nicolas ARG CAMOD Husqvarna 37:10.842
25 890 Antezana, Marco BOL FBM Yamaha 37:19.854
26 198 Poli, Agustin ARG CAMOD Husqvarna 37:38.383
27 952 Felipe, Jose Gerardo ARG CAMOD Kawasaki 35:57.471
28 150 Fernandez, Jose Manuel CHL FMC Honda 36:14.042
29 54 Fanello, Ezequiel ARG CAMOD Yamaha 27:30.477
30 286 Danke, Felipe CHL FMC Kawasaki 25:53.511
31 771 Schmit, Marco ARG CAMOD Yamaha 21:52.385
32 45 Nicholls, Jake GBR ACU KTM 18:17.222
33 4 Tonus, Arnaud SUI FMS Yamaha 7:42.093
34 7 Leok, Tanel EST EMF Husqvarna 1:57.185

Bavo Swijgers image