Qualification – Rider Comments

A good day for Pauls Jonass and Tim Gajser, but what about some others guys. Herlings, Seewer, Strijbos and many more talk about their Saturday in Argentina.

Pauls Jonass: You know, if you look at Indonesia and the track in Argentina, its like day and night. For the race I got a pretty good start, I made a quick pass on Jorge and rode my own race. I am looking forward to tomorrow. You know the track is in the best condition, there are some sharp edged bumps and it’s a little sketchy, but it’s a real motocross track. I really enjoy the jumps and the high speed corners, its one of my favourite tracks.

Tim Gajser: I am happy with how today went. I was feeling really great out on the track and the bike was working amazing, I had an OK start and took the lead in the first lap. I made a gap early on at the start and controlled the race from there. The track was a little sketchy in some places but I managed to hold it together and keep the momentum going. I am going to go out there and enjoy it like I did today and then hopefully I will get the same result tomorrow.

Evgeny Bobryshev: Today went really well for me considering that I have been really sick since Indonesia getting a virus there so I haven’t been able to train at all. It was a little bit tough as I don’t have so much energy or feel as strong where I have been so sick and I had pain in my stomach after 15 minutes but I am happy with the bike setting and how we have improved it from this morning. Tomorrow the race is ten minutes longer so I tried to save energy for tomorrow and I hope I can have a positive day I am happy with how today went in my condition.

Jeremy Seewer: “I had a really bad start but we know the problem so it will good for tomorrow, just my mistake today. I was really far back after that, however I got through to third in just a couple of laps, so my speed was good. Then there was this one sketchy kicker on one side of a jump face and my line took me into it, I saw it coming and I did everything I could to avoid crashing but still got kicked off the bike. Luckily, I landed well in some soft dirt, not a hair out of place, but my bike was destroyed, just lucky again the clutch was ok to get the bike going and I finished up in sixth. I’m confident for tomorrow though.”

Jeffrey Herlings: Qualifier I went down in the first turn. I don’t know where I finished. The hand is getting better, but it still hurts, but its no excuse. My preparation isn’t great, and its long season, but we are not looking so good at the moment. We will just take it race by race. Hopefully it will get better and better.

Arminas Jasikonis: “I’m feeling good, although the track is a little strange for me. I was trying to ride quite smoothly but I made some mistakes which shouldn’t happen. I came seventh though, which is a good result after a couple of horrible rounds, and I feel like I have the speed, I have the style, I have everything I need; I just have to put it all together and I think that can happen tomorrow.”

Kevin Strijbos: “The qualification race was good, timed practice was bad. We made some changes in between with the tyre and sprocket which was better for the racing but not great for the start. It was way too aggressive so I had to recover through the field but my riding was really good and I was actually surprised how easy it was. I came sixth so it is good for the gate pick and my speed is there but we just need to get the start right and I think a top five or podium should be within reach.”

Hunter Lawrence: It was good, I rode smooth and tried to keep it on two wheels and get some rhythm and a good gate pick for tomorrow. I’m happy with how it went, the bike went well, especially as it was quite sketchy out there with some slippery sections and the square edged bumps. It was an easy track to go fast as it is so wide open, which isn’t my strongest type of track, so I’m happy with how I qualified. It’s always good to move forward through the field and not backwards so yes, very happy with how it ended up.”

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