MXoN – It’s Future!!

The Monster Energy Motocross of Nations is the biggest motocross event of the year, and the next five years it is looking like it is going to some pretty cool places.

Of course, this year it will be held at maybe the best circuit on the calendar, Matterley Basin in England, next year we are likely to see it run at Redbud in America (once a deal is made), then 2019 in Assen, Holland, and some are saying it might go to a very good track in South America in 2020.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. England, USA, Holland, and Argentina would be a really nice run for this special event. After those there is talk about Teutschenthal in Germany, or Maggoria in Italy again, or maybe where the rebirth of the MXoN happened in 2005, Ernee.

Then you have a long list of circuits lining up to get their shot at the MXoN. The sports in a great place with 19 GPs and the MXoN in a really healthy state. Add the fact the USGP is now finally really going to be a big success, and the AMA Nationals are looking at fighting the expected 25 round AMA Supercross championship.

It’s going to be packed with racing in the future, and I don’t think anyone can really complain about that.

Also, the National championships in Holland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, England, and so many other countries continue to develop good young riders, in a somewhat easier atmosphere compared to previous eras.