Tim Gajser interview – Winner

World MXGP Champion Tim Gajser is very much on the right road to defending his title. The HRC Factory rider looks sharp at the Grand Prix of Argentina last weekend. Winning the Saturday qualification race, and the two Sunday races.

Here is how he felt about his weekend, and from the first two rounds in Qatar and Indonesia.

MXLarge: Tim, how did you feel with your day?

Gajser: I am really happy, finally grabbed a win in 2017 and I am happy with the performance. I really like the track, it was amazing, although a little sketchy in some places, but a really nice track. It was actually a perfect weekend. I really enjoyed the track and I know I was riding well. The crowds here were good and it was nice to hear them cheering when I came past them on the last lap. They have made a few changes to the track this year which suited me. The season didn’t start in the best way but I have been working really hard and training back at home, I never stop working and it’s now paying off. We are just at the beginning of the season but I aim to ride consistent and get more podiums.

MXlarge: Are we now seeing the Tim Gajser from 2016, after the first two rounds where you weren’t really at your best?

Gajser: That is the goal, and we keep working. The first two GPs I was sick and didn’t feel the best. I feel I am back and I am so happy.

MXlarge: Saturday you looked strong all day. How did it feel?

Gajser: I am happy with how Saturday went. I was feeling really great out on the track and the bike was working amazing, I had an OK start and took the lead in the first lap. I made a gap early on at the start and controlled the race from there. The track was a little sketchy in some places but I managed to hold it together and keep the momentum going. I am going to go out there and enjoy it like I did today and then hopefully I will get the same result tomorrow.

MXLarge: This class, it’s so tough, if you don’t get the start it’s really a struggle to come through. You got the starts

Gajser: The start is everything, it’s always been the most important thing. You miss the start and it’s really tough to pass the riders in front of you. The start is important, but also finding good lines, because when you find good lines, you can be so quick.

MXlarge: Indonesia and Qatar as we mentioned you were sick, but how do you look back on those two races?

Gajser: It was a bit of a mess in Indonesia to be honest. With all the mud and the rain, I was quite happy I have taken solid points from the weekend. In the race felt like it was a case of surviving the race it wasn’t ‘racing’. I felt like I was normal for the first 10-15 minutes, I was in second place and almost catching the leader and then I just suddenly destroyed myself and I am not really sure why or how it happened, I just didn’t feel my best. I just ride until the end to get points. Overall I am not actually that happy with the weekend and my results overall but sometimes the bad races are not so bad.

MXlarge: And your weekend in Qatar?

Gajser: Saturday in Qatar was actually a really good race, I had a good start and I was able to find some good lines. I was happy with my speed, just a couple of laps before the end I made a few mistakes. I have been feeling under the weather, and first practice was really tough but I had felt better as the day had gone on. I was happy I have won (the qualifier) so that I had a pole for Saturday, and it’s a good start to the season. The track was in really good shape, it’s a little bit harder this year it hasn’t ripped so deep as last year but Saturday it would be even better as we had made some ruts already.

MXLarge: You were still sick on Saturday right?

Gajser: Yeah, I am actually really happy with the podium from Saturday. It didn’t start the best as I had been really sick all weekend, but I was able to achieve two good races despite this. The first race I didn’t have the best start and I had to battle with Bobryshev and Desalle all race. It was tough to pass because there was only actually one fast line and the other lines were not the same speed. In the second race, I had a better start, I was leading and I pulled a gap between myself and Cairoli. Then, in the last two laps I was destroyed and I couldn’t give anymore but I was happy to start the season with second overall.

MXlarge: Looks like we come back to Argentina in 2018. You happy about that?

Gajser: I am looking forward to it, it’s one of my favourite tracks. I am looking forward to returning next year.

MXlarge: Then its Mexico and your home track in Arco. Are you looking forward to that race?

Gajser: Yes, I am really looking forward to that race. So many supporters and fans from my country come to this race. It’s an amazing feeling to have that support, but before that we have Mexico and I look forward to that and try and do well there.

Bavo Swijgers images