Evgeny Bobryshev interview

Russian giant Evgeny Bobryshev of the official HRC factory team has proven himself to be a consistent top five guy in 2017. He rode well again last weekend, despite racing the Sunday program with injuries to his foot.

Fourth overall yesterday and fourth overall in the MXGP series points its been a good season so far for Boby, that despite some sickness and minor injuries. Here is how he felt about Italy last weekend, and also his view on Mexico, the round before Italy.

MXlarge: How did you feel on Sunday?

Bobryshev: Considering what happened Saturday with my crash and injury the weekend was ok. My foot was really painful this morning so I had a trip to the medical centre to get some painkillers. In the first race it was a bit tough for me as I couldn’t find the speed, I had a good start for sure. I was just slow in the beginning and then I couldn’t find a second to stay in the front. I wasn’t happy with seventh place but we made some changes for the second race which made my confidence and riding much better. In the second race I had a good start out of the gate with Tim and I rode a consistent race. Antonio passed me on the last lap which made me narrowly miss the podium but I am overall happy with the performance. Team HRC have done a really good job this weekend and the team have all worked together which is really important for me. I look forward to Valkenswaard which is a bit closer to home for me.

MXLarge: Saturday you had a crash.

Bobryshev: Everything was going good, we made some changes from this morning and I had the fastest time in timed practice. I had a good start in the race, I was fourth then Desalle crashed into me. He gave me a hard block and then I was on the floor, I went down and hurt my leg. I managed to pull it back to 20th from 34th. I thought it would be alright for Sunday I don’t have a heavy injury I just need to make a good start, I am not worried about it.

MXlarge: How did you feel going into Trentino?

Bobryshev: We have some really good races coming up now that we are heading into Europe so I was very much looking forward to this. I was ready to go back Europe as I have had enough of riding overseas for a while. For me it has been difficult this year as I have had to deal with being sick and having jet lag constantly. Arco is a track I have had a few mixed fortunes at but I knew it would feel more comfortable being back on home soil.

MXlarge: How about Mexico, how did you feel there?

Bobryshev: The first race everything went really well. I had a good start and I just kept myself in second place, everything was simple. I had a lot of pressure behind me with the pack of four riders but I kept second place. This is really positive for me, I was feeling good. Coming into the second race I had a bad start then on the opening lap, I can’t really explain what happened. There was a simple table top, I landed in the same place every time and this one time when I landed, I slid and the bike went sideways so I crashed on my side. Maybe it was because there was a heavier wind. I hurt my hip a bit so it was difficult coming back then I fell a second time. The track was slippery and dusty so it is safe to say I am disappointed about the second race. I am healthy and happy so I can move forward, I am looking forward to head into Europe.

Comments by HRC images Bavo Swijgers