Thomas Kjer-Olsen interview

Thomas Kjer-Olsen of the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team is very much a rookie in this year’s MX2 world championship, yet already, last weekend he picked up a moto win. While it was only in the Saturday qualification race, it was still a fine performance, and one that is setting him up to be a GP winner in the near future.

Our man in Italy, David Bulmer caught up with Danish Dynamite and Olsen gave us his opinion of the weekend and how his season is going so far.

MXlarge: You got a qualification race win on Saturday in Italy. How did that feel?

Olsen: It felt great, the weekend had been good. I got a great start in practice and timed practice and got a good start in the qualification race, could pass some guys and get the win. It’s a great little accomplishment for me. It’s great in my first year, even if it’s just the qualification race.

MXlarge: Sunday you also did well. How did you feel about the Sunday?

Olsen: I’m really satisfied with how things are going at the moment. After winning the qualifying race I secured a good starting position and managed to earn two very good starts in the final moto’s. Despite an early crash in moto one I came back from eighth to cross the line in fifth place. Then in moto two I was there again battling for the top for most of the race but a fall before the finish dropped me to sixth. Overall, we keep on making big steps forward in each GP.

MXLarge: The majority of the season it’s been Pauls Jonass and Prado getting out front in the starts. They are a lot lighter than you, has that been a worry for you. Or did you figure you would eventually get a good start?

Olsen: I haven’t thought about it that much, I am trying to do everything I can to be as light as I can, because obviously, I am a tall guy. I don’t think about it, just do my best. We did a lot of starts this week and I hoped it would pay off on Sunday and I focused on Sunday.

MXlarge: You did a couple of GPs last year, but this is your first full season. Have you surprised yourself?

Olsen: I would say both, I am surprised, pleased with how I am riding, but still, during the winter that was our goal, that is where we wanted to be, and we didn’t know we would be there, but we wanted to be there. Practicing with Thomas and Conrad helped a lot, some great team-mates.

MXlarge: Your team-mate (Thomas Covington), you have had some problems, there have been some run-ins on the track. Is everything ok within the team?

Olsen: Yes, we had some run-ins, but we talked about it and there is no reason to destroy anything, because we have a great relationship, and we are friends, and it’s not something I want to walk about and be mad about all the time.

MXlarge: You started the season better and he has come on and won the Mexican GP. Seeing Thomas win the GP, does that make you feel like if he can do it, then, so can you?

Olsen: It always makes you wonder a little bit. I try and focus on my riding and obviously, I am happy for the team and also for him, that he got the win, but I am trying to focus on myself and my riding.

MXLarge: As far as tracks, what is your speciality?

Olsen: I don’t know to be honest. I like most tracks, but what I normally like is deep ruts and that is where I have the most fun. The results don’t always work if you have deep ruts, you can’t know how you will go. I enjoy the ruts and deep solid ground.

MXlarge: This year was the first time you got to travel around the world. Did you enjoy that experience?

Olsen: I enjoyed it, getting to see Argentina, and Qatar, Mexico. We got there on the Thursday to see stuff, and that was nice. The travelling is tough and I am happy the long flights are done for now. It will happen again when we get to the US. I am happy to some tracks we already ride on.

MXlarge: Is there any track you think you can win at?

Olsen: There isn’t one race I can point out I will be good there, it doesn’t work that way. Some tracks I like, and some tracks I don’t like, but I am just going into each round with a positive mind and do the best I can. If it isn’t going well we will try and fix that and make the best of it.