Valkenswaard – Winners

For around 40 years the circuit in the sand has seen some really exciting races. No surprisingly Belgians and Dutch have dominated this event, winning more than half of the overalls. 23 of the 44 GP’s run have gone to the sand lovers.

Nine Belgian riders have won the GP of Valkenswaard, and in total they won 15 GP between them. Six Frenchman have won at the eurocircuit, with a total of seven wins between them.

Of course Jeffrey Herlings has seven wins and his fellow countryman Dave Strijbos has also won at Valkenswaard, giving Holland eight wins. Antonio Cairoli has single handily put Italy in the mix with his six wins to his name.

Apart from those four nations, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, UK and Spain have had winners in Valkenswaard.

KTM have won 13 of the 15 MX2/125 GPs in Valkenswaard.

Herlings has won seven times, Cairoli six times, Stefan Everts has won five times at Valkenswaard.


Sylvain Geboers 1974

Stefan Everts 1992

Greg Albertyn 1993

Stefan Everts 1994

Stefan Everts1995

Stefan Everts 1996,

Marnicq Bervoets 1997

Sebastien Tortelli 1998

Marniqu Bervoets 1999

Frederic Bolley 2000

Mickael Pichon 2002

Mickael Pichon 2003

Stefan Everts 2004

Josh Coppins 2007

Ken De Dycker 2008

Jonathan Barragan 2009

Antonio Cairoli 2010

Antonio Cairoli 2011

Antonio Cairoli 2012

Antonio Cairoli 2013

Antonio Cairoli 2014

Gautier Paulin 2015

Romain Febvre 2016

500cc/650cc class

Andre Vromans 1980

Dave Thorpe 1985

Dirk Geukens 1989

Billy Liles 1990

Marnicq Bervoets 2000

Joel Smets in 2002

Joel Smets 2003


Marc Velkeneers 1981

Dave Strijbos 1987

Grant Langston 2000

Steve Ramon 2002, 2003

Ben Townley 2004

Antonio Cairoli 2007

Tyla Rattray 2008

Marvin Musquin 2009

Jeffrey Herlings 2010

Jeffrey Herlings 2011

Jeffrey Herlings 2012

Jeffrey Herlings 2013

Jeffrey Herlings 2014

Jeffrey Herlings 2015

Jeffrey Herlings 2016

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