Maxxis – Rider Comments

The Maxxis had winners and losers last weekend. Here is what some of the riders thought of their weekend. Picture by Nuno Laranjeira

Graeme Irwin: “That was a perfect day,” he said. “It couldn’t have been any better apart from the fact that I got a bad start in the first race but other than that it was awesome. I qualified in pole, won both races, the bike was fantastic, I didn’t get stung by any bees – everything was sweet. The first moto I had to work really hard to get there. I didn’t have an easy race and got banged about but fought my way through and in the second race I got the holeshot and just checked out. A huge thanks to all my team and sponsors. Now I’m bringing the red plate home to Desertmartin. That’s going to be a proud moment for me.”

Ben Watson: “Today went just how I wanted and we now have a bit of a lead over the opposition. It’s not taken the pressure off as I want to win as many races at possible but, as we have seen today with Harri (Kullas), things do go wrong and the lead we have now just makes a nice if we have any problems. The only real issue I had all day was a bad start in race two where I span up on the concrete start and another rider came across in front of me.”

Josiah Natzke: “It’s been a good day today with two good starts, but in race one I got really bad arm pump and faded back towards the end of the race. I think it was the bike set-up that caused it. But my starts, speed and fitness was all good so I am happy.”

Martin Barr: “Today wasn’t too bad. In the first race I came out of the gate probably about fifth or sixth and it took me a few laps to get by some of the riders ahead of me. The track today was very fast and didn’t really rough up like it usually does but I still finished second and with Harri Kullas having a DNF I pulled some points back on him. In the second race I was looking for a better start so I could get on the top step but I was only 10th on the first lap. A few people ahead of me crashed so I worked my way up to third but lost a place on the last lap. It was good to get back on the podium but obviously I wanted more but my home round at Desertmartin is up next so hopefully things will go better there for me and I can start to claw some more points back.”

Rob Davidson: It’s been a good day starting with a really good qualifying lap that gave me a good gate pick. As a result I got two really good starts and that made the day so much easier to ride at the front rather than chasing from behind. I went 6 – 5 on the day and got 4th overall which is a career best for me and the team. Now I just need to keep working hard to make that next step onto the podium. Overall it’s been a good day for the team and everyone involved so we can all go home happy and focus on making progress before the next round.

Tom Neal: I had a good qualifying with a 15th which was nice to see my speed over 1 lap coming around been working on it a lot recently. In the first moto I locked bars with a rider up the start straight so was not in a great position and was around 20th on the first lap then pulled through to around top 15 then again lost a couple of spots mid race with some bad laps. I calmed myself down a bit and had a much better end to the race and made the pass for 15th on the last lap so was happy with that race. Race 2 didn’t get a great start again but a strong opening lap put me top 20, then I went off track into a ditch costing me some spots, then had a big crash further around the lap when I cross rutted on the single before the big hill and ended up high siding through the chestnut fencing so wasn’t great! I hurt my shin and twisted my knee so didn’t finish the race but I was having a positive day until my crash but just got to learn from it for the next round.

Dexter Douglas: In qualifying I struggled to put a good a lap in because I kept making mistakes so I ended up 30th which wasn’t too good. In race 1 I went right on the inside on gate and got a mega jump and came out the first corner in the top 8 but I struggled to find a flow and rode to careful because I’m not used to being upfront in MX2 yet so I ended up finishing 25th. In race 2 I chose the inside gate again and got another awesome start and was running in about 15th until I had an off just before the bomb hole jump and took a little while to get going again so I finished in 27th.

Jake Nicholls: “My injuries are all healing well and I have no pain now which is very good and now being able to walk about a bit is helping with the boredom. They can’t really tell me how long I will be off the bike so we just have to wait until it’s right. There’s no bone damage so it’s a waiting game until the hip tightens up – and it’s a big bone and joint. There’s nothing broken and no little chips of bone moving about, so no surgery or anything, I just need to be patient. I may be back for the last couple of races of the year, but I’m not coming back until I know it’s right”

Mel Pocock: The first race I didn’t get a great start. I was about 10th off the gate but managed to work my way up to fourth. It was a really strong ride to make up the ground so I was happy with that – top five in the British championship is always good. In the second race I was sat in third for a long time and had a great battle with Ben [Watson] for maybe six laps. I was riding well but with about a lap to go I just lost my grip on the throttle and came straight off the back of the bike which cost me a podium finish. It was very frustrating for me because there was nothing I could do about it. Every now and again the misfortune of not having a thumb creeps up on me but it’s probably the first time it’s happened this year. I ride on my fingertips and I literally just lost my grip and came off the back. It’s not as though I was riding out of my comfort zone. A big thank you to Sam and Mark Yates and also Gary Finch who was spannering for me.”

Jamie Law: The first race I rode really badly and was annoyed at myself, I slipped off and never really got going. The second race I rode well from an average start and got up to 6th at the flag for 8th overall and 7th in the championship so it was a better end to the day than the start.

Matt Burrows: Today we had a couple of technical issues, in qualifying the back brake kept sticking on and I managed to get a lap in but was down in 17th. Then in the first race I suffered with arm pump and finished 15th. In the second race I crashed on the first corner and broke the gear lever and clutch lever and got back to 19th which isn’t where we want to be so I’m looking forward to Desertmartin.

Jordan Divall: “I couldn’t get a clear lap in qualifying and made a few mistakes so I was disappointed with 16th and then in the first race I span on the start which left me near the back. I tried to work my way back up but I had arm-pump the whole race and couldn’t push the way I know I’m capable of pushing. I’m gutted about the second race. I must have been top six off the start and someone just t-boned me off the track so I was way back after that but I think I had the eighth fastest lap time of the race so I’m happy with that. Without that incident I feel I could have pushed for a top-five finish. I’d like to say a big thank you to Mark, Sam and Gary.”