MXGP and AMA Nationals – Live!!!

Remember when you had to wait a week or maybe a month before knowing the results from the Grand Prix rounds, or the AMA Nationals? Boy has that changed as this weekend, live online both series will be available. Its full on this weekend with the opening round of the AMA Nationals at Hangtown and the German Grand Prix at Teutschental.

The German Grand Prix will as always be shown live on with the AMA Nationals on NBC Sports. Its a full weekend of action, with MXGP qualification on Saturday, followed by the full program of the opening round of the AMA Nationals. The Sunday its the full program for the German Grand Prix.


  • 11:00Free Content Studio Show
  • 13:50LIVE EMX 300 Race 1 –
  • 15:35LIVE EMX 150 Race 1 –
  • 16:15LIVE MX2 Qualifying –
  • 17:00LIVE MXGP Qualifying –
  • 19.00 – LIVE AMA Nationals Qualifiers (18.00 UK)LIVE
  • 22.00 – LIVE AMA Nationals Moto 1 and Moto 2 (21.00 UK) – LIVE