Evgeny Bobryshev interview

For Russian rider Evgeny Bobryshev the next couple of months might be the most important in his career. The always friendly HRC rider received news last weekend that he won’t be needed under the HRC tent in 2018, and is now in a hurry to find a suitable ride for next season.

With a GP victory to his name, and a handful of top five finishes in the MXGP championship standings, not to mention third place in the world a few years ago, the big Russian rider would be the perfect rider for any factory team, but as it is now, there are no factory riders available.

We reported yesterday that Boby had lost his ride in the HRC team, and followed it up today with a call to the friendly Russian, to get the inside news. We caught up with him and found out the situation and also news on the Russian team for the MXoN.

MXLarge: Boby, I heard that you have lost your ride at HRC. Can you give me a comment on that?

Bobryshev: I think you already know, because there is the news on your website.

MXLarge: Yes, I was told, and I was surprised. How do you feel about it?

Bobryshev: Everything was looking like I was staying. I talked to Roger in Loket, and he said everything stays the same. Then the news, I received Sunday after the race, it was not expected and shocking really.

MXLarge: Obviously there isn’t a lot around now. I don’t think there is a factory ride left.

Bobryshev: Yes, that is the problem, it’s really late and that is why we were sure we were staying. That is why we didn’t chase any other teams, and also teams thought we were staying with HRC and they signed other riders, and now they are all full. It isn’t a good moment for me, it’s a bad situation.

MXLarge: So, what will you do?

Bobryshev: As you mentioned, the factory rides are full, and for the rest, I don’t know. I am looking and to be honest I want a good possibility. I am still wanting it, and I need a good team behind me that is really motivated to go together for good results.

MXlarge: Can you mention teams you might have talked to for next year?

Bobryshev: We didn’t really talk too much, we talked to Kawasaki a little bit, but like I told you, from Kegums we didn’t go anywhere, because it felt like we were staying at Honda.

MXlarge: Could you have changed the contract for less money, or it was just over for you?

Bobryshev: After my accident in Kegums, we did talk about the contract and for sure I didn’t get the results and it is normal to adjust the contract, but there was no talk about that. That was the reason I am shocked. The main thing that wasn’t nice is that it is so late. Earlier would have been easier for me of course.

MXLarge: You have been with Honda long time, and it’s been a good relationship. How do you react when you are told you don’t have a ride?

Bobryshev: You know I am thankful for their support over the years. I had really good years with Honda. We had ups and down, but it was good times. A really good crew and going to Japan and working with the Japanese, I always felt welcome there. We did good development job and a lot of testing. The previous year I signed the contact quickly and I expected the same and I trusted the people and a good feeling. Unfortunately, Roger (Harvey) received main from Japan and it was over. I am still happy with Honda and I will still push for results.

MXLarge: You are known as a good test rider, which is a good thing, but you have to now change you mentality and think about racing for a none-factory team?

Bobryshev: That is really difficult and because its late my mentality isn’t great. I am looking all over the place, like even US, because I need a team that is motivated and we all work hard together. I can’t work on my own, we need good support from the team and we all need to be motivated.

MXLarge: Would you consider Australia?

Bobryshev: Australia, well, you know for sure I would, but if I can’t get something good in Europe then I would accept something in Australia. But you need the atmosphere and if you don’t have that, it’s difficult. I am still at an age that I am motivated I still want it. Australia, it isn’t a step-back, and if I can’t get something good in Europe I would be open for that.

MXLarge: Five rounds to go, six races with the MXoN. How difficult is it to stay motivated knowing you won’t have a factory ride in 2018?

Bobryshev: I am still motivated I still want to do good, even if it’s just for myself. This is my life and I am motivated and pushing. I will try until the last race. The main goal is to sort myself for next year, but I am still working for these six races.

MXlarge: Maybe this makes the USGP more important, because the American teams will be there supporting the euro riders?

Bobryshev: I think the US teams already follow the GP scene and know the riders, but I want a good result there. I would like to race the Outdoors in America if I can find something.

MXlarge: Do you know anything on Team Russia for des Nations?

Bobryshev: I know a little bit, but Brylyakov is still struggling with his injury, and he won’t be ready after his surgery, Tonkov still has the visa issues, so it will probably be Rogozin, who rode last year, and Evgeny Mikhaylov.