Team USA – Official

Team USA has been selected, with Zach Osborne (Husqvarna 250 – MX2) being team captain, and with support from Cole Seely on the Honda 450 (MXGP), and Thomas Covington on the Husqvarna 450 (Open), this team is an outside chance to take victory at Matterley Basin. Without question, they have a shot at winning the MXoN for America.

“If I was asked it wouldn’t matter if I raced the weekend before or the weekend after,” Covington told us last month. “I would be there. To hear guys don’t want to race, it’s disappointing. but for me personally, I am just a really proud American, and I would really be honoured to represent the country. For me, I am a racer, that is what I do and every chance I get I want to make the most of it, every chance I get, especially at a race like the Motocross of Nations.”

And racing he will be, in the biggest, most important motocross race on the calendar.

This is one of the few times none of the Team USA riders have Motocross of Nations experience (for Team USA). The last time a rookie team was sent was also at Matterley Basin, back in 2006, when James Stewart, Ivan Tedesco, and Ryan Villopoto went and won, and before that when they sent their B-Team to Australia in 1992, and then won the event with Jeff Emig, Mike Larocco, and GP rider Billy Liles (also three rookies). Some pretty interesting similarities to this years team right?

The only other occasion Team USA sent a rookie team was back in 1981, with Chuck Sun, Danny LaPorte, Johnny O’Mara and Donnie Hansen. Of course this legendary team was the first American team to win the event and started that amazing run of 13 in a row.

It will be the first time Team USA have selected a current Grand Prix rider since 2000 when Ryan Hughes was picked out of the 250cc GP series, despite being down in 17th place in the standings.

It was also like this year, that Team USA hadn’t won in many years, losing in 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998 and 1999. Hughes along with Travis Pastrana and Ricky Carmichael took victory for Team USA in the French run event.

American riders are usually not selected from the Grand Prix series, with former world champions like Danny Laporte, Trampas Parker, Donny Schmit, and Bobby Moore, never selected. Back in the day names like Jim Pomeroy and Brad Lackey (not when he was world champion) were selected from the GP series, mainly because the American based riders just didn’t want to go.

Team USA is without question the most powerful and successful team in Motocross of Nations history. From their first appearance in the event in 1972, until last year’s event at Maggiora, they have never finished outside the top 10, and in fact apart from a seventh place finish in 1972, ninth place in 1975, and eight place in 1997, they haven’t been outside the top five.

Team USA – Mister Consistent

1972…7…Brad Lackey, Jim Pomeroy, Jimmy Weinert, Gary Jones

1973…4…Jim Pomeroy, Mike Hartwig, John DeSoto

1974…2…Brad Lackey, Jim Pomeroy, Jimmy Weinert, Tony DiStefano

1975…9…Brad Lackey, Jim Pomeroy, Kent Howerton, Tony DiStefano

1976…5…Bob Hannah, Rex Staten, Kent Howerton, Tony DiStefano

1977…2…Steve Stackable, Gary Semics, Kent Howerton, Tony DiStefano

1978… 4…Bob Hannah, Chuck Sun, Rick Burgett, Tommy Croft



1981…1…Chuck Sun, Danny LaPorte, Johnny O’Mara, Donnie Hansen

1982…1…Danny Chandler, Jim Gibson, Johnny O’Mara, David Bailey

1983…1…Broc Glover, Jeff Ward, Marc Barnett, David Bailey

1984…1…David Bailey, Johnny O’Mara, Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson

1985…1…Ron Lechien, Jeff Ward, David Bailey

1986…1…Johnny O’Mara, Ricky Johnson, David Bailey

1987…1…Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward

1988…1…Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, Ron Lechien

1989…1…Mike Kiedrowski, Jeff Stanton, Jeff Ward

1990…1…Damon Bradshaw, Jeff Stanton, Jeff Ward

1991…1…Mike Kiedrowski, Damon Bradshaw, Jeff Stanton

1992…1…Jeff Emig, Mike LaRocco, Billy Liles

1993…1…Jeff Emig, Jeremy McGrath, Mike Kiedrowski

1994…2…Jeff Emig, Mike Kiedrowski, Mike LaRocco

1995…2…Steve Lamson, Jeff Emig, Ryan Hughes

1996…1…Steve Lamson, Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig

1997…8…John Dowd, Jeff Emig, Steve Lamson

1998…5…John Dowd, Doug Henry, Ricky Carmichael

1999…4…Mike LaRocco, Kevin Windham, Ricky Carmichael

2000…1…Ryan Hughes, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana



2003…2…Ricky Carmichael. Ryan Hughes, Tim Ferry

2004 …DNS

2005 ..1…Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham,Ivan Tedesco

2006 …1…James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Ivan Tedesco

2007 …1…Ricky Carmichael / Ryan Villopoto / Tim Ferry

2008 …1…James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Tim Ferry

2009 …1…Ivan Tedesco, Ryan Duingey, Jake Weimer

2010…1…Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, Trey Canard

2011…1…Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, Blake Baggett

2012…3…Ryan Dungey, Justin Barcia, Blake Baggett

2013…2..Ryan Dungey, Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia

2014…3..Ryan Dungey, Eli Tomac, Jeremy Martin

2015..2..Justin Barcia, Jeremy Martin, Cooper Webb

2016..3..Jason Anderson, Cooper Webb, Alex Martin

Teams So Far

France: Gautier Paulin (MXGP), Dylan Ferrandis (MX2), Romain Febvre (Open)

Belgium: Clément Desalle (MXGP), Julien Lieber (MX2), Jeremy Van Horebeek (Open)

USA: Cole Seely (MXGP), Thomas Covington (MX2), Zach Osborne (Open)

Italy: Antonio Cairoli (MXGP), Michele Cervellin (MX2), Alessandro Lupino (Open)

Sweden: Thomas Kjer Olsen, Stefan Kjer Olsen and Nikolaj Larsen

Puerto Rico : Justin Starling (MXGP), Marshal Weltin (MX2), Darian Sanayei (Open)

Australia: Dean Ferris (MXGP), Hunter Lawrence (MX2), Kirk Gibbs (Open)

New Zealand : Cody Cooper (MXGP), Josiah Natzke (MX2), Rhys Carter (Open)

Spain : Jose Butron (MXGP), Iker Larranaja Olano (MX2), Jorge Prado (Open)

Ireland : Graeme Irwin (MXGP), Martin Barr (MX2), Stuart Edmonds (Open)

Canada : Colton Facciotti (MXGP), Shawn Maffenbeier (MX2), Tyler Medaglia (Open)

Lithuania: Arminas Jasikonis (MXGP) Dovydas Karka (MX2) Arnas Milevicius (Open)

Russia: Evgeny Bobryshev (MXGP) Semen Rogozin (MX2) Evgeny Mikhaylov (Open)