Supercross Schedule 2017/18

The 2017/2018 Supercross season will kick off two weeks after the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations. First up will be the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, then the Aus X Open, in Sydney, Australia and MXlarge will be at these two event to give full coverage.

The same weekend as the Aussie event, will be the ADAC Stuttgart Supercross and the Milan Supercross. Below is a list of the major Supercross/Arenacross races over the winter period and into the American supercross series.

A bunch of German supercross races follow, of course Paris and Geneva, then we head into the massively popular Arenacross series in UK in the new year. Not to mention A1 on January 6 and a long list of AMA Supercross races.

More news on all these races soon.

Supercross Calendar 2017/18

October 14 Monster Energy Cup
November 11 and 12 Aus X Open
November 10 and 11 ADAC Stuttgart Supercross
November 12 Milan Supercross
November 18 and 19 Paris Supercross
December 1 and 2 ADAC Chemnitz Supercross
December 1 and 2 Geneva Supercross
January 6 Arenacross – Manchester
January 6 AMA Supercross Anaheim, CA
January 12 to 14 ADAC Dortmund Supercross
January 13 Arenacross – Newcastle
January 13 AMA Supercross Houston, TX
January 20 AMA Supercross Anaheim, CA
January 20 Arenacross – Birmingham
January 26 and 27 Arenacross – Belfast
January 27 AMA Supercross Glendale, AZ
February 3 AMA Supercross Oakland, CA
February 10 AMA Supercross San Diego, CA
February 10 Arenacross – Sheffield
February 17 Arenacross – London
February 17 AMA Supercross Arlington, TX
February 24 AMA Supercross Tampa, FL
March 3 AMA Supercross Atlanta, GA
March 10 AMA Supercross Daytona, FL
March 17 AMA Supercross St. Louis, MO
March 24 AMA Supercross Indianapolis, IN
April 7 AMA Supercross Seattle, WA
April 14 AMA Supercross Minneapolis, MN
April 21 AMA Supercross Foxborough, MA
April 28 AMA Supercross Salt Lake City, UT
May 5 AMA Supercross Las Vegas, NV