Maddison and Sydney Harbour

Australian Robbie Maddison will ride his modified KTM water-bike at Cockle Bay in Sydney’s Harbour on 24-26 November in conjunction with the Sydney Motorcycle Show, which is slated to hosted at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

It will be the first time worldwide that Maddison’s will ride on water in front of the public, with demonstrations set to take place on the Darling Harbour at midday on the Saturday and Sunday.

“I am pretty excited to be coming to the Sydney Motorcycle Show and riding the waterbike in the heart of Sydney at Cockle Bay,” Maddison commented. “This will be my first ever fully publicised waterbike ride and I hope everyone comes down to check it out. We will be creating a full-blown flat track style layout on the water in Cockle Bay with viewing for spectators from all sides of Darling Harbour which will be incredible. I remember going to the exact location years ago for the Red Bull City X and it was huge, hopefully, we can replicate that.”

The Australian made headlines two years ago, when he rode the waterbike on a wave near Teahupoo in Tahiti, adding to his list of crazy displays that include the Corinth Canal jump, Arc de Triomphe jump, and a backflip over the Tower Bridge in London.