Wilson wins – Aus-X Open

In front of a sold out crowd in what is becoming one of the biggest events of the year, Scottish rider Dean Wilson battled early with local rider Dan Reardon passing for the lead mid race to take out the first night of the Aus-X Open, held in Sydney, Australia.

The ride of the night came from Wilsons Husqvarna team-mate, Jason Anderson who went down in the first corner with Justin Brayton, and was able to come back to finish second, just behind Wilson.

Wilson a Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider might have won but wasn’t happy about his perforrmance.

“I had a nice fight with Dan,” Wilson said. “But I am not happy with the way I rode. I was riding with my arms and not enough with my legs. I haven’t won a race in a long time, so its nice to win here. I have been training with Jason (Anderson) and he has been kicking my butt I will need to rider more relaxed tomorrow to beat him.”

In what was a highly entertaining night of action, drama was the name of the game, and a little show, as the 2-stroke battle between Ricky Carmichael and Ronnie Mac got ugly when the two collided, with Ronnie Mac’s crashing out, and then being attacked by a security guard after kicking Carmichael off his bike. With the massive crowd enjoying the entertainment, and the brilliant racing.

Aussie legend Chad Reed was a fan favourite as he flew back to Sydney, to thank his fans. Riding around on a schooter with his broken foot in plaster.

Main Event – Results

1. Dean WILSON
3. Daniel REARDON
4. Kade MOSIG
5. Dean FERRIS
6. Nathan CRAWFORD
7. Dylan LONG
8. Justin BRAYTON
9. Jesse DOBSON
10. Todd WATERS

Jeff Crow images