Kenny Roczen – Social Media

The recent comments by Ken Roczen on his social media page have turned a few heads, with some liking his comments and others finding them to be a little insecure. Not being a high level sportsman, I wouldn’t know how the minds of athletes are, but as a fan, I see it from both sides.

It makes good headlines, causes some interest, and reading what somebody wrote can often be seen differently from actually hearing it from somebodies own mouth.

At times Kenny sounds cocky, and that isn’t a bad thing. His comments about people already having an opinion on who wins the 2018 AMA Supercross Championship is ok, but its just his opinion, just as people thinking Musquin wins it, or Tomac, or in fact Roczen. As they say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and everyone should.

I mean I am pretty sure Kenny follows other sports, has an opinion on who he thinks will win sporting events befor they happen, be it football in Europe, NFL, MXGP, or whatever. Fortunately that is how the world works for the time being, we can all say what we think.

I think for Kenny to say its BS that people have these opinions of somebody winning because they are winning everything in the off-season, is wrong, because hey, maybe somebody that thinks Musquin wins the title because of his most recent form are correct. Only time will tell.

Kenny says a lot of stuff on social media, and I am sure not one single person hopes he fails in his return from his injury. I know if he wins A1, I, and a lot of other people will be cheering harder than ever.

His attitude to the sport, his drive to be the best he can be is inspiring, and even his, at times odd comments are interesting and not hurtful to anyone.

Whoever wins the 2018 AMA SX title, lets hope all three guys, and maybe even Jason Anderson, and Cooper Webb, or anyone else plays their part in good hard racing, because at the end of the day, that is all we all want to see.

I am pretty sure if everyone was saying Kenny wins the 2018 AMA Supercross championship, we might see different comments from the German wunderkind on his social media.

Being a father of four children myself, all close to Kenny’s age, all with their different personalities, and attitudes to getting ahead in life, I see some of the comments from Kenny as a young guy, who is learning in life, and that is okay, because that is what life is for.