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Posted on October 21, 2019

Back in 2014 as a 16 year old, Adam Cianciarulo won his first appearance in the big league (supercross), winning a round of the East Coast 250 Supercross championship. He strung together three wins in that season but finished fifth in the championship. Since that stunning Dallas supercross win its been injuries and disappointment until he won this year’s AMA 250 motocross championship, his first AMA title in five years of trying.

Now in his 450 class debut the former amateur legend won last weekend at the Monster Energy Cup and got a lot of people talking, my self-included. I have to say, I doubted him, because of his constant failures and injuries, but last weekend, WOW, he looked something very special.

I can’t wait to see how his 2020 goes and I sure hope he stays fit and can live up to his talent. I have said it before, Kawasaki, let this kid fill his dream of racing for Team USA. Forget the cost, I am sure the motocross community would be happy to foot the bill via charity stuff and donations. I know mxlarge would be more than happy to start a My Fund to get Team USA to Ernee in 2020.