Bubba On St Louis - Podcast

Posted on April 03, 2024

Like a 10 year old who ate way too many lollies AMA legend James Stewart takes us through his opinion of the St Louis supercross. Always fun to watch, not always easy to follow, but still a legend in the sport. You can never get too many legends giving opinions on our sport, so take it away JS7.

James Stewart: The action of Supercross made it's way to St Louis this past weekend and we were in for a special, chaos filled night for Round 12. The triple crown provided with tons of action from first turn crashes to Eli and Jett battling, Barcia hitting Jett and more so the season's storylines while we thought they were beginning to solidify themselves for the championships, keep changing and making things interesting. Levi Kitchen has whipped up the control of the 250 West class while others like Jo, RJ, and Jordan struggle to keep results consistent. We break down the Red Cross flag incident, who was at fault for Jett and Justin's crash, if Beast mode is back and so much more. So sit back and welcome to Bubba's World