Eli Tomac interview - Winner

Posted on March 31, 2024

Mid-season, Star Yamaha Racing rider Eli Tomac was contemplating that he had made a mistake coming back for the 2024 season, struggling with results and looking nothing like the beast we had all followed for the last decade, it just wasn't going how he wanted.

An ankle injury a few weeks ago made his decision to race again even more of a question in his head, but like the legendary rider from Colorodo has shown us time and time again, he fought through the tough moments and collected yet another main event win.

Victory this morning made sure he goes into the final rounds excited and ready to rumble with the other leading AMA supercross riders. He sat down with the media, and this is what he told us.

MXLarge: Eli, talk us through your win tonight?

Tomac: It feels good to win one for the team. I was in a bit of a rough patch, these last few weeks, bit of a slump, struggling with a lot of things, with my body, with riding on the track. Tonight was the old me; I was able to execute everything I needed to do. Starts, riding, qualifying and all of the above. This is big for us, I didn’t like where I was finishing, I can tell you that.

MXlarge: As you mentioned, bit of a slump the last few weeks, amazing ride though, what is the difference?

Tomac: Well, putting everything together and that is it. I don’t want to know where I am going at this moment, but it felt good. I was struggling in those soft conditions and getting through those mains. I was just doing everything right, yes, it’s good.

MXlarge: These soft conditions the last few weeks has that made it difficult during the week, what to focus on?

Tomac: Yes, I was just struggling, straight up. The real story is I tweaked my ankle a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to balance. Tonight, my balance is back and some of that and the soft conditions made it worse when I didn't have my balance.

MXlarge: Do you think three triple crowns are enough, or would you like more?

Tomac: I have found it has been an okay mix. They are chaos and high stress, but at the same time, its something different for us and I am okay with the three.

MXlarge: What does it mean to win a triple crown in a season, not that it’s a comeback, but you have to fight for who you are?

Tomac: I mean, you get to a point, where its frustrating and I was thinking, maybe the comeback wasn’t really worth it. So, yes, this was goal number one for my comeback and get an overall and know I can still do it and whether it was a triple crown or normal main, I will take it.

MXlarge: What is the difference winning a triple crown?

Tomac: Well, like everyone is saying, so many things can happen when we have three starts and all three are a wide-open environment and you can just go 100 (full gas) until the end and it’s a high-pressure moment.

MXlarge: On the broadcast, you talk about having that doubt, questioning the comeback. At what point in the season do those thoughts start creeping in. How do you sit there and take that when you get so much questioning and obviously you keep tight lipped about it, but how has it been.

Tomac: It is just part of the game, and you hear it, but you get used to it and kind of come numb to it, to those people who are saying it. It is part of game.

MXLarge: You would have heard the crowd following you around the stadium, how was that?

Tomac: That was cool, that was awesome. St Louis is always a good crowd and good vibe.

MXLarge: That second race you had a hot pace with Jett and what did you learn watching him (Jett) and did it give you confidence?

Tomac: Yes, that one race, he was better in the whoops section, and I tried to learn from that. I tried different lines and I lost touch at the end, but I knew I was good around most of the track.

MXLarge: What about your starts, they were really, really good?

Tomac: They were just consistent. I had consistency and the last couple of weeks, I was good in one and then not good in another. I had good start on all three of those.

MXLarge: I noticed you were jumping the whoops more, instead of blitzing them. Did you consider blitzing them, because I noticed Jett was doing that and maybe you were losing time there?

Tomac: That was, I kind of had that planned for moto three, but they were more beat down and I felt the jump was working, and Jett was skipping and hopping and that was faster, so it was in my mind, but they got flatter and faster and a main line down the side.