Jett Lawrence interview - Red Plate

Posted on February 12, 2024

HRC rider Jett Lawrence is again the red plate owner and the youngster from down under is looking very solid the last couple of weeks with a 1-3 score. Learning each and every time he goes up against the elite of the AMA supercross championship.

The 20-year-old gets a week break, before getting back into the challenge of scoring his first ever AMA supercross championship in his debut season and do something Jeremy McGrath did more than 30 years ago. The spoke to the World press and below is what he told us.

MXLarge: You were coming through the pack, making some mistakes and having some close calls. What did you learn in those moments and how did you smooth it over?

Lawrence: We had a couple of brain farts, just switched off on an easy obstacle kind of thing. I just kept on focusing, hit my marks and try and do consistent lap times really.


MXLarge: One thing us fans have been looking forward to is you battling with Eli Tomac, so tell us how that was as you were approaching him, what was your plan?

Lawrence: It was just kind of learning how he flows, trying to learn where the kink in the armour might be. It was cool to kind of follow him, because like, nowadays it isn’t like the beast that he used to be, but it is still Eli Tomac. It was cool to follow him and learn off him. I got close enough, where we can maybe make a pass and I was looking forward to a battle, but I was able to get on the inside a little bit, but still leave a bit of room and then I put my head down and kept flicking the laps off. I got a safety net, got a gap and then kept on trying to see if I could chip away to Jason, but I just ran out of time.

MXLarge: You had to deal with Friese in the heat and then Cooper in the main. You made some small mistakes, but nothing crazy. Not like some of the mistakes in the early rounds, like that late crash at A2. Do you feel like you are managing the race better as you get more mature in the 450 class?

Lawrence: I think a big thing that helped was how the conditions were, because you just had to be patient and not push anything. So, I think, I kind of got set in my mind, small little hiccups, like the instance Coop pushed me off the track and then trying to get around Friese. I know in my head; I was a lot calmer. Like, I am not the fastest in these types of conditions, so just take it how it is and just find a way around this person and try and get to the next. I think it was the whole attitude going into the race, with how the soil was, just being patient, not trying to push too much, not push the limits and just try and stay in my marks. Whatever gets thrown at me, deal with it calmly and just keep moving forward.

MXLarge: 50th year of supercross and the first time two brothers were top five together. Seems like Honda have some momentum and maybe soon you two battle for podiums together and you also got to battle with Hunter in the main, so that must feel nice?

Lawrence: It is an awesome thing to have both of us in the top five. Hunter has had some rough weekends, so it is kind of cool to see him ride like how he usually rides and get a top five. Once I got around him, he almost got me back, as I made a few mistakes after I passed him. After I passed him, I was keeping taps on him, to see where he is. He stayed there, pretty close the whole time. He got a bit of a break from the last couple of unlucky weekends. Honda has some great riders with Jo and Honda has a bright future and I hope I have a small part of that in the future, helping the younger riders. Cool to be part of a team that has been around probably a lot of that 50 years.

MXLarge: Did you ever consider quadding into the corner?

Lawrence: I did think about it. I did for sure and eyed the one at the end of that rhythm, but I never got it clean enough to try it, I decided to pick light and go the triple three.