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A Decade of Teutschenthal

A Decade of Teutschenthal

May 29

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Teutschenthal has long been on the MXGP calendar, dating all the way back to the 1970s, when Joel Robert won there in 1971 in the 250cc class. Back in 1993 Joel Smets won the 500cc overall and in 1998 Stefan Everts won the 250cc class on the German hard pack and Peter Johansson won the 500cc class.

It wasn’t until the last couple of decades though, that this tough and tricky circuit became something of a full-time round of the Grand Prix series, but it has seen more than enough when it comes to exciting victories and dramatic losses.

The circuit also held the 2013 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations, a day that Team Belgium with Ken De Dycker, Clement Desalle and Jeremy Van Horebeek took victory ahead of Team USA and Team Italy.

While there is a lot to talk about from this circuit, lets take a look at the last decade, the years some of the riders still involved in the sport were still racing. Back in 2014, it was Clement Desalle who won the GP from Max Nagl and Jeremy Van Horebeek. In MX2, Jeffrey Herlings scored victory ahead of Tim Gajser and Jordi Tixier.

A year later Romain Febvre won ahead of Gautier Paulin and Kevin Strijbos, while Gajser won MX2 from Max Anstie and Valentin Guillod. A year later in 2016, Antonio Cairoli scored yet another victory in his illustrious career ahead of Gajser and Evgeny Bobryshev and in the MX2 class, it was that man Herlings again, beating Dylan Ferrandis and Jeremy Seewer.

Cairoli won again in 2017, from Herlings and Paulin and in MX2 Jeremy Seewer scored the win ahead of his old mate Hunter Lawrence and Pauls Jonass. In 2018 Herlings won MXGP from Gajser and Paulin, and in MX2 Jorge Prado won from Pauls Jonass and Calvin Vlaanderen.

Gajser won again in 2019, beating Arnaud Tonus and Gautier Paulin and in MX2 Prado went 1-1 in beating Tom Vialle and Mathys Boisrame. No GP in 2020 due to Covid, but in 2021, Gajser won ahead of Herlings and Febvre. In MX2 Maxime Renaux joins the German winners list finishing ahead of Vialle and Rene Hofer.

Gajser showed his love of this German facility, winning again in 2022 ahead of Seewer and Prado and in the MX2 class Thibault Bensitant won ahead of Jago Geerts and Mikkel Haarup. Finally, last year it was Prado who won from Coldenhoff and Fernandez and in MX2 Liam Everts joins his dad as a winner here, with Andrea Adamo second and Benistant third.

So, in the last decade, Gajser has four wins, Herlings has three and Prado three.

Teutschenthal – A Decade of Winners

2014 Desalle Herlings

2015 Febvre Gajser

2016 Cairoli Herlings

2017 Cairoli Seewer

2018 Herlings Prado

2019 Gajser Prado

2020 NO GP

2021 Gajser Renaux

2022 Gajser Benistant

2023 Prado Everts

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