A1 - Press Conference

Posted on January 05, 2022

Read what the leading riders expect from the 2022 season and of course the opening at A1. The whole World is excited to get this AMA supercross championship chase up and running and lets hope we see a close title battle. First up the three men who have AMA supercross titles to their names, Cooper Webb (2021 and 2019), Eli Tomac (2020) and Jason Anderson (2018).

Ken Roczen talks about his visit to Europe to improve his training program and also talks with the doctors while in Europe about improving some of his issues. Dylan Ferrandis talks about riding at the RC ranch and alongside Eli Tomac in the Yamaha team.

Cooper Webb: I think the biggest thing is the motorcycle, obviously our motorcycle is brand new, and it has been a great bike to learn and ride and test, so that has been the biggest thing. Obviously, the program is a lot different and different to what I have done the last years. New team-mates with AP and riding a lot with Marv, having him back on board. I am feeling good, and we will see where it leads this Saturday. I am looking forward to getting things going. I feel a lot better on the bike, it is all brand new, and we couldn’t use anything with the old bike from last year and it has been a challenge getting setting dialled and the team worked hard, and I can’t complain. I haven’t touched a clicker since November, and it lets me ride it more. It feels different. Last season was incredible and there is a lot of motivation that the changes have been good. To try and go and defend, I didn’t do it the first time and I feel better and as I get older, I feel stronger and physically better. This motorcycle has improved in a lot of places we struggled before and riding a dirt bike that you feel comfortable on. I feel good everywhere I have been and with the guys I am riding with. It is awesome riding with Ken and Eli. I just turned 26 and I am in a good spot with experience and stuff, and it is exciting and cool to race those guys and another 15 guys out there. We are like 84% of the winners, and there are plenty of guys coming in and the 450 class just gets tougher and tougher.

Eli Tomac: It is everything, changes of the colour of my front fender. We have been everywhere, starting in Cororado, then Florida now California and riding with different guys. I might have isolated myself too much and now I am doing something it feels better and more refreshing and I wanted to come in dialled and healthy and I am looking forward to it. We have different tracks in Florida and Star Racing moved there and it is all new for us. It is just different; I have had two guys on the track before and now we have six or eight guys on the track. We have two groups at RCs when we are down there and that is new.

Jason Anderson: I have been in California with the team and close to the shop I am trying to ride as much as possible with AC and the other Kawasaki riders. As far as training I am working out with long time buddy Broc Tickle, and I am excited to get it going and see if we have made any progress. For me I was off for the whole summer because of injuries and changing bikes, to the steel frame, it took me a little to get used to it, but now we are in a good spot, and I am excited to see where I stand and try and progress. Everyone on the team is as cool as can be. I guess the results will have to tell the story, but for me I work hard, and I play hard, and I enjoy myself.

Justin Barcia: I would love to take it from Jeremy McGrath (record for most opening round wins in a row), but obviously, as you said, that isn’t the main focus, but I love winning races, so why not win the first one, that sounds good. It feels awesome to be on the team, new mechanic, new team chief and I have trained with two new guys and those two are really keeping me on my feet and it’s been a super enjoyable and a lot of fun. I try and keep that rolling and have a good time.

Ken Roczen: I actually went to Europe to catch up with family, but we went to the Red bull facility for training and that was awesome, and I used to train there in GP and they have upped it another level and they have a specialist in every area and training I am super covered and we made a couple of changes. I saw a doctor to try and get some things figured out and that went well. Mid December I got sick, and I am still battling the effects of that and that threw a wrench in the plan. I had a good 2021 and I really made this sport my hobby again and it felt good having fun and working on my craft a little bit.

Adam Cianciarulo: I think my approach is always do my best. I just got on a supercross track on Monday and hit some jumps and stuff. It was my first time on the track since my crash. I will see what I can do, I don’t need to go too crazy and take what the shoulder gives me. It might be a positive for me and I get my feet wet. I am feeling confident with my starts. I have a simple attitude, I just do my best and that is what keeps me motivated to do my best. I don't need to crush it all the time, but it is important for me to be the best I can be. Control what I can control. I had a crash and it just happened. I just have to take it like it is and we did a good job with the bike with my program and I rely on that.

Dylan Ferrandis: For sure the place at the farm is amazing and I was watching RC riding there and everyone dreams to rider a place like this. The dirt is really good and we had a good winter. I spent two or three weeks and Eli and I trained together and he is an animal on the track and fast and strong. We had a great time and a great winter.