A2 SX - Live

Posted on January 29, 2022

Round four of the 2022 Monster Energy AMA supercross championship hits Angel stadium again this weekend and just like last weekend, you can follow all the action right here. Can somebody other than Chase Sexton, Ken Roczen or Jason Anderson take a main event win in 2022 and will Christian Craig remain the man in the West Coast championship?

New red plate man Eli Tomac has held the red plate many times in the past, but can he keep it this time? Will Aussie Hunter Lawrence finally beat the veteran Craig in a main event?

Of course you can watch the live results HERE, and the full results HERE. We won't be on the track with the riders, but we will be watching all the action and our guys at the event will be filling us in with insider news.

Practice starts around 8.30pm Euro time and 7.30pm in the UK. The main events will be held in the early morning on Sunday, and we will have all the results, race reports, highlights and rider comments soon after. For the best coverage of the AMA supercross championship, come right here on Sunday morning or follow the action throughout Saturday evening.

Watch the action LIVE right here. For a little over 100euro you can catch every single round of the 2022 AMA supercross championship.

Schedule - Saturday

11:30 am – 11:35 am 250SX Futures Sighting Laps (2 Laps)

11:35 am – 11:43 am 250SX Futures Free Practice

11:45 am – 11:50 am 250SX Group C Sighting Laps (2 Laps)

11:50 am – 11:58 am 250SX Group C Free Practice

12:00 pm – 12:05 pm 250SX Group B Sighting Laps (2 Laps)

12:05 pm – 12:13 pm 250SX Group B Free Practice

12:15 pm – 12:20 pm 250SX Group A Sighting Laps (2 Laps)

12:20 pm – 12:28 pm 250SX Group A Free Practice

12:30 pm – 12:35 pm 450SX Group A Sighting Laps (2 Laps)

12:35 pm – 12:43 pm 450SX Group A Free Practice

12:45 pm – 12:50 pm 450SX Group B Sighting Laps (2 Laps)

12:50 pm – 12:58 pm 450SX Group B Free Practice

1:05 pm – 1:15 pm 250SX Futures Qualifying (Gate Selection)

1:20 pm – 1:30 pm 250SX Group C Qualifying

1:35 pm – 1:45 pm 250SX Group B Qualifying

1:50 pm – 1:55 pm 250SX Group A Qualifying

2:00 pm – 2:10 pm 450SX Group A Qualifying

2:15 pm – 2:25 pm 450SX Group B Qualifying

2:25 pm - 2:45 pm Track Maintenance

2:45 pm - 2:55 pm Promoter Track Walk #1

3:00 pm – 3:10 pm 250SX Group C Qualifying

3:15 pm – 3:25 pm 250SX Group B Qualifying

3:30 pm – 3:40 pm 250SX Group A Qualifying

3:45 pm – 3:55 pm 450SX Group A Qualifying

4:00 pm – 4:10 pm 450SX Group B Qualifying

4:10 pm – 4:25 pm Track Maintenance

4:25 pm – 4:30 pm 250SX Futures Sighting lap

4:30 pm - 4:40 pm 250SX Futures Main Event – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap

4:40 pm - 6:15 pm Track Maintenance

5:00 pm - 5:10 pm Promoter Track Walk #2

5:10 pm - 5:20 pm Promoter Track Walk #3

Evening Program

6:30 pm – 7:06 pm Opening Ceremonies

7:06 pm - 7:14 pm 250SX Heat #1 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 20 riders (1 - 9 to Main)

7:20 pm - 7:28 pm 250SX Heat #2 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 20 riders (1 - 9 to Main)

7:34 pm - 7:42 pm 450SX Heat #1 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 20 riders (1 - 9 to Main)

7:48 pm - 7:56 pm 450SX Heat #2 – 6 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 20 riders (1 - 9 to Main)

7:56 pm – 8:10 pm Track Maintenance

8:10 pm - 8:17 pm 250SX Last Chance Qualifier – 5 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 22 riders (1 - 4 to Main)

8:22 pm - 8:29 pm 450SX Last Chance Qualifier – 5 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 22 riders (1 - 4 to Main)

8:29 pm – 8:48 pm Intermission

8:48 pm – 8:51 pm 250SX Sighting Lap

8:53 pm - 9:10 pm 250SX Main Event – 15 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 22 riders

9:10 pm – 9:20 pm 250SX Victory Circle

9:20 pm – 9:23 pm Track Maintenance

9:23 pm – 9:26 pm 450SX Sighting Lap

9:28 pm - 9:50 pm 450SX Main Event – 20 Minutes/Plus 1 lap - 22 riders

9:50 pm – 10:00 pm 450SX Victory Circle


1profile photo  Cooper Webb450SXNewport, NC
3profile photo  Eli Tomac450SXCortez, CO
7profile photo  Aaron Plessinger450SXLeesburg, FL
9profile photo  Adam Cianciarulo450SXNew Smyrna Beach, FL
10profile photo  Justin Brayton450SXCharlotte, NC
11profile photo  Kyle Chisholm450SXValrico, FL
12profile photo  Shane McElrath450SXOakland, FL
14profile photo  Dylan Ferrandis450SXTallahassee, FL
15profile photo  Dean Wilson450SXMurrieta, CA
17profile photo  Joseph Savatgy450SXClermont, FL
19profile photo  Justin Bogle450SXWesley Chapel, FL
21profile photo  Jason Anderson450SXRio Rancho, NM
23profile photo  Chase Sexton450SXClermont, FL
25profile photo  Marvin Musquin450SXCorona, CA
26profile photo  Alex Martin450SXClermont, FL
27profile photo  Malcolm Stewart450SXMurrieta, CA
34profile photo  Max Anstie450SXMurrieta, CA
41profile photo  Brandon Hartranft450SXBrick, NJ
51profile photo  Justin Barcia450SXGreenville, FL
54profile photo  Mitchell Oldenburg450SXAledo, TX
57profile photo  Kevin Moranz450SXTopeka, KS
61profile photo  Fredrik Noren450SXIndian Trail, NC
78profile photo  Cade Clason450SXChesterfield, SC
87profile photo  Alex Ray450SXMilan, TN
94profile photo  Ken Roczen450SXClermont, FL
95profile photo  Justin Starling450SXDeland, FL
97profile photo  Jerry Robin450SXHamel, MN
99profile photo  Rj Wageman450SXNewhall, CA
114profile photo  Nick Schmidt450SXLake Elsinore, CA
145profile photo  Travis Smith450SXLancaster, CA
154profile photo  Chase Felong450SXOceanside, CA
184profile photo  Scott Champion450SXFort Worth, TX
191profile photo  Curren Thurman450SXRosharon, TX
200profile photo  Ryan Breece450SXAthol, ID
204profile photo  Kyle Greeson450SXSun City, CA
282profile photo  Theodore Pauli450SXEdwardsville, IL
360profile photo  Aaron Siminoe450SXReno, NV
421profile photo  Vann Martin450SXMontgomery, TX
447profile photo  Deven Raper450SXMesa, AZ
501profile photo  Scotty Wennerstrom450SXJefferson, TX
509profile photo  Alexander Nagy450SXRichmond, IL
512profile photo  Austin Cozadd450SXAttalla, AL
542profile photo  Johnnie Buller450SXDinuba, CA
597profile photo  Mason Kerr450SXAltoona, IA
722profile photo  Adam Enticknap450SXLompoc, CA
751profile photo  Joshua Hill450SXHuntersville, NC
810profile photo  Kai Haase450SXBerlin, GER
837profile photo  Bryson Gardner450SXPaso Robles, CA
848profile photo  Joan Cros450SXManlleu, BC
976profile photo  Josh Greco450SXValparaiso, IN
981profile photo  Austin Politelli450SXMurrieta, CA

250SX Entries

28profile photo  Christian Craig250SXTemecula, CA
29profile photo  Michael Mosiman250SXMinneaola, FL
30profile photo  Jo Shimoda250SXMenifee, CA
31profile photo  Jalek Swoll250SXClermont, FL
35profile photo  Garrett Marchbanks250SXCoalville, UT
40profile photo  Dilan Schwartz250SXAlpine, CA
43profile photo  Carson Mumford250SXSimi Valley, CA
45profile photo  Colt Nichols250SXMurrieta, CA
47profile photo  Seth Hammaker250SXTemecula, CA
49profile photo  Nate Thrasher250SXLivingston, TN
58profile photo  Ryan Surratt250SXCorona, CA
60profile photo  Thomas do250SXMurrieta, CA
62profile photo  Vince Friese250SXMenifee, CA
64profile photo  Mitchell Harrison250SXLeesburg, FL
66profile photo  Chris Blose250SXPhoenix, AZ
67profile photo  Logan Karnow250SXAmherst, OH
69profile photo  Robbie Wageman250SXNewhall, CA
74profile photo  Derek Kelley250SXRiverside, CA
79profile photo  Hunter Schlosser250SXEl Paso, TX
85profile photo  Hunter Sayles250SXChassell, MI
96profile photo  Hunter Lawrence250SXWesley Chapel, FL
98profile photo  Dominique Thury250SXSchneeberg, GER
101profile photo  Dylan Walsh250SXSoutham, GB
118profile photo  Cheyenne Harmon250SXRoanoke, TX
120profile photo  Todd Bannister250SXColorado Springs, CO
121profile photo  Chris Howell250SXSpokane Valley, WA
138profile photo  David Pulley Jr250SXLake Elsinore, CA
141profile photo  Richard Taylor250SXWoodland Hills, CA
158profile photo  Tre Fierro250SXEl Paso, TX
161profile photo  Cole Thompson250SXBrigden, ON
162profile photo  Max Sanford250SXPasadena, MD
167profile photo  Jesse Flock250SXClaremore, OK
181profile photo  Wyatt Lyonsmith250SXBoise, ID
208profile photo  Logan Leitzel250SXDillsburg, PA
216profile photo  Devin Harriman250SXLongview, WA
246profile photo  Chance Blackburn250SXNewman Lake, WA
260profile photo  Dylan Woodcock250SXRayleigh, ENG
277profile photo  Kordel Caro250SXCosta Mesa, CA
364profile photo  Chad Saultz250SXBatavia, IL
388profile photo  Brandon Ray250SXFremont, CA
432profile photo  Kaeden Amerine250SXGreat Bend, KS
503profile photo  McClellan Hile250SXAtascadero, CA
538profile photo  Addison Emory IV250SXQueen Creek, AZ
612profile photo  Mitchell Falk250SXCosta Mesa, CA
645profile photo  Colby Copp250SXLos Banos, CA
726profile photo  Gared Steinke250SXKlamath Falls, OR
755profile photo  Jack Brunell250SXOld Windsor, GB
910profile photo  Carson Brown250SXRavensdale, WA
914profile photo  Geran Stapleton250SXClyde North, VIC
973profile photo  Philipp Klakow250SXRodgau, GER
995profile photo  Christopher Prebula250SXPetersburg, MI
996profile photo  Preston Taylor250SXHastings, NE