America supports Musquin?

Posted on August 10, 2018

I can’t work it out, but I have never seen so many American’s upset who Team France pick for their MXoN line-up. What’s going on? I mean, I would have picked Musquin, maybe instead of Ferrandis, but as an Aussie, I really couldn’t care who they pick. The form of Gautier Paulin at the moment is a worry, but he has been part of every single victory by France in their current domination of the MXoN.

From memory Marvin wasn’t always available for team France, and I for one, would be loyal to the guys who put their hand up every single time. Pretty sure Paulin and Febvre have never said no to the French Federation. Still, Musquin should have been put in somewhere, and as I said, maybe him, or Febvre on a 250. The three best French riders in the world are Febvre, Musquin and Paulin.

On another note, I was having a debate last night with a good friend in America and he assured me that Tomac is on Herlings level, and Musquin isn’t far back. I got some news for everyone making statements about rider’s speed, it’s really impossible to know.

Herlings seems to be riding better than ever, and on a level many people in Europe say the have never seen. In my personal opinion, he is unbeatable at the moment.

I said to my media friend, MXGP seems a lot tougher than the AMA Nationals, and much deeper in depth, so who knows who is really faster, damn, maybe Febvre is quicker than Musquin?

Sure in America it seems like nobody can beat Tomac, and in Europe it seems nobody can beat Herlings, but from memory, Herlings raced Tomac twice last year in America and beat him on both occasions. Both really nothing to win on both occasions, and both have maybe improved since 2017. The questions is, which one has improved the most?

Whatever the case and it doesn’t matter what happens as long as we get great racing, and it sure would be nice to see Team USA win and return to their place at the top, but then again, seeing France continue their domination, or maybe Holland winning and going to Assen in 2019 as the defending champions. Those are the three teams who should be the favourites.

What is nice about this year’s event is so many leading riders will be competing, in fact it might be the most competitive for individual honours in a long time. Herlings, Tomac, Roczen, Cairoli, Febvre, Anstie, Paulin, Desalle, Barcia, and so many other elite riders.

What I can’t be sure of, is who wins the MXGP or Open overall. I would give the MX2 overall to Plessinger at the moment, but it is also hard to know how good Prado has gotten this year and as we saw in 2017, Hunter Lawrence won the MX2 overall ahead of AMA 250 champion Zach Osborne, so go figure.