Anderson - Doing the Race that Matters

Posted on October 10, 2019

Awesome to see Team USA rider Jason Anderson doing the race that matters, and leaving the less important events to rest. That is what a real motocross rider does. Now lets see others follow this much more appealing trend.

"Just updating everyone about the Red Bull Straight Rhythm and the upcoming Monster Cup.  Everyone knows that after the last Outdoor National Zach and I went to Europe for a month to train for the MXON and our Country.  My plan was to come back and do the 2Stroke Red Bull Straight Rhythm first."

"Truth is after only two days on the bike after riding in deep sand for a month I just didn’t feel comfortable and choose to not race.  I apologize to all my fans who showed up to see me ride but switching to a 2stroke after riding a 4stroke is harder than what you think it might be."

"Because I’ve been going wide open and not having much time to prepare, not to mention I haven’t had any off season preparing for all these events the Team and I feel it is in my best interest that I not race the Monster Cup."

"I wish I could have been able to race and apologize to all my fans who were hoping to see me race at these events.  Right now I need to let my body rest and get ready for the long season we have coming up for SX and MX.  Want to thank my team and my mechanic C-Low for all the support and hard work they put in all the time -Jason"

Anyone who doesn't love this guy just doesn't get what the sport is about. I know A1 who I will be rooting for.