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Belgian Domination - 7 From 7

Belgian Domination - 7 From 7

Jun 19

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While we all wait for another Belgian World motocross champion, the last being Steve Ramon in 2007, we should all be pretty impressed with the current form of Belgian riders in the MX2 class. From the last seven Grand Prix’s, it seven wins for Belgium, zero for everyone else. Astonishing really.

With Sasha Coenen winning the last two, in Latvia and Maggiora, brother Lucas winning in Germany, France and Spain, and Liam Everts winning in Trentino and Portugal, we have seven GP wins in a row. Might add Belgian riders have been first and second in the last two GPs, and heading to Indonesia, you wonder if they can keep the ball rolling.

The last time that happened for Belgian riders, was when some old bloke called Stefan Everts won seven in a row, in 2006, 18 years ago. Stefan won 12 in a row that season, before Josh Coppins won in Northern Ireland to stop his perfect season. Everts did however then win the final two rounds of the season to win all but that Coppins victory.

To make it a perfect season so far for the Benelux, of course, Dutchman, Kay De Wolf won the first three GPs of the season. There must be something in the water there in the Dutch and Belgian countries.


1st Sasha Coenen 4-1

2nd Liam Everts 1-4


1st Sasha Coenen 3-1

2nd Lucas Coenen 2-3


1st Lucas Coenen 1-1

St Jean d; Angely

1st Lucas Coenen 1-1


1st Lucas Coenen 4-1

3rd Liam Everts 3-2


1st Liam Everts 1-1


1st Liam Everts 3-2

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