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British Championship - Entries

British Championship - Entries

May 22

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The second round of the British motocross championship kicks off this weekend at the Canada Heights circuit this weekend and of course, the exciting news for the British public is another appearance of the five-time World motocross champion, Jeffrey Herlings, who is always worth watching, even in his current form. You just never know when he is going to explode into “The Bullet” mode and have us watching with our mouths wide open and our eyes the size of footballs.

No doubt, defending British 450 champion Conrad Mewse will be out to keep the Dutchman in sight and maybe even get one over the GP legend. Tommy Searle will be looking at coming back in the MX2 class with a victory and hopefully, a large crowd turn up for what is a beautiful circuit in the south of England. Entries below. Unfortunately, like in MXGP and Australian motocross, entry numbers down, and just a sign of the times. Still, Herlings vs Mewse should be worth your money.

You can buy your tickets right here or at the gate: British Motocross

MXGP Entries

6. Carlton Husband

7. Louie Kessell

10. Jason Meara

16. Tom Grimshaw

33. Ben Edwards

41. Tristan Purdon

48. Harry Bradley

49. Callum Green

50. Martin Barr

74. Tom Murphy

84. Jeffrey Herlings

91. Charlie Putnam

95. Dan Thornhill

184. James Carpenter

260. Dylan Woodcock

326. Josh Gilbert

365. Sam Nunn

414. Glen Phillips

426. Conrad Mewse

711. James Cottrell

714. Brad Todd

MX2 Entries

4. George Hopkins

5. Liam Bennett

10. Harvey Cashmore

19. Sydney Putnam

20. William Farrow

23. Taylor Hammal

40. Jamie Wainwright

44. Elliott Banks-Browne

45. Jake Nicholls

49. Eidur Orri Palmarsson

53. Dylan Walsh

57. Kyle Mcnicol

75. Aaron Ongley

77. Tobias Sammut

99. Howard Wainwright

100. Tommy Searle

122. Jake Sheridan

163. Ben Mustoe

166. Josh Taylor

172. Cas Valk

202. Tyler Westcott

228. Charlie Cole

300. Ben Franklin

337. Glenn McCormick

403. Rowan Hill

419. Joe Brookes

422. Charlie Heyman

433. Jack Lindsay

441. Billy Askew

511. Steven Clarke

555. Mckenzie Marshall

616. Ollie Colmer

661. Josh Coleman

687. Jake Rackham

731. Alfie Jones

912. Joel Rizzi

925. Lennox Dickinson

Raife Broadley

Joshua Bassett

Ryan Thomson

Adam Duckworth (Mewse) and Ray Archer (Herlings) images

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