Cedric Soubeyras interview - USA Bound

Posted on January 23, 2018

Cedric Soubeyras of the FRO Systems team might be standing on top of the Arenacross point standings, but he knows as good as anyone the 2018 Power Maxed Arenacross series isn’t getting any easier as the series rolls around to the mid-point of the series.

With three rounds done Soubeyras has a second-round victory to his name the experienced Frenchman has an Arenacross title on his to do list, and if all remains the same, he has a great chance of doing that.

On 52 points Soubeyras is equal first with round one winner, Charles Lefrancois, while Fabien Izoird is two points back, and Cyrille Coulon (47), Thomas Ramette (46) and Hugo Basaula (45) are all breathing down his neck. It doesn’t get much tighter than this.


With Jean Michel Bayle as his childhood hero, its little surprise that Soubeyras has one eye on the AMA Supercross Championship, a championship his hero won back nearly three decades ago. Once the Arenacross series is over, he will head to USA for February 25 until March 25 he will race the American series and hopes that Arenacross title will be in his pocket.

Soubeyras was kind enough to do this interview with us.

MXlarge: Cedric, you lead the championship after three rounds, but it’s very tight in the points. How does it feel to lead?

Soubeyras: AX has always been tight. But it’s always better to be first than second, doesn’t matter the gap of point. My goal was to stay in the top 5 every race, its already broken.

MXlarge: It seems like you might be in the best form of your career. How do you feel you are this year compared to others?

Soubeyras: I’m in the best form this sure but in Arenacross you need definitely to avoid problems. You can be the fastest all season, but this doesn’t mean that you will be champion. In the last years I was maybe too nervous on the track and attacking too much. Last year it was getting better and this year I show that I don’t need to push 200% to win or to do a fast lap.

MXlarge: Of course, you won the second round. Can you explain your second-round win for me and how the whole night went?

Soubeyras: Two years ago, in Newcastle I won both night. I like this soft and rutty dirt. And this year it was technical, and I felt comfortable on my bike. I won directly my first heat, so I was directly smooth, and it was easy to stay calm till the final.


MXlarge: Thomas didn't perform so well in those first two rounds but won last weekend. Does that make more pressure knowing he finally got a win this year?

Soubeyras: Thomas was not less fast than before on the two first round and also not faster at the last round. Like I said before, AX is special and you need luck and strong nerves. He finally got a win, but this doesn’t mean that, he or I, are going in final next weekend.

MXlarge: How would you describe your opening round?

Soubeyras: My opening round was going good till I crashed at the first start. My back got burned and it was really hard to finish the night. 4th was a really good result in this condition.

MXlarge: Can you also tell me about last weekend, for the whole night?

Soubeyras: I felt really good all the afternoon, even during the night show but Mr Kangourou decided to push me out of the track instead of passing clean. After jumping on Pellegrini in Manchester, then pushing Banks-Browne out of the track during the final in Manchester, I have been the next one.

MXlarge: The Arenacross seems like it is a really nice series. How do you like it, and how does it compare to your French races?

Soubeyras: AX is Arenacross. In France it’s Supercross. You must be trained for this. Arenacross races are way too short. Doesn’t matter if you are physically ready this will not make a difference. It’s about start at 70%, 10% luck and 20% technical.

MXlarge: You won the French Supercross championship recently, can you tell me how that went?

Soubeyras: I got ready a big part of the summer with Sébastien Tortelli and this helped a lot to hear some new/different advises to work. Then my girlfriend was with me every single day. Working in the good way with the good persons always have been good.

MXlarge: What are your plans once the Arenacross series is over?

Soubeyras: I go to US to compete five rounds from Tampa to Indianapolis. I’m really pumped about this. And to be honest with you, it’s what is pushing me at the training.

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