Chasing 101 GP wins

Posted on April 16, 2018

Jeffrey Herlings is without question, in this present time, the man to beat in the MXGP class. That doesn’t mean he will be champion in 2018, and will add to his three MX2 world championships, but the way he is winning now, and the concentration he is showing, really makes for bad news for his rivals and it is hard to see him NOT become a four time world champion in 2018.

Forget the crash happy Herlings of the past, this 2018 version of the Dutch speedster isn't anything like the guy who lost world motocross championships in injury riddled 2014, 2015 and 2017 seasons. This version of Jeffrey Herlings, who had been schooled by Antonio Cairoli in 2017, is now schooling the rider (Cairoli) many are saying is the greatest GP rider of all time, and that same legend might just be riding better than ever. How good does that make this version of Jeffrey Herlings?

Just six months ago we are all applauding Antonio Cairoli in his ninth world championship, and the fact he was just a step away from becoming the greatest Grand Prix rider of all time. I am a statistic man, and for me, Stefan Everts holds that place until somebody takes more than 101 GP victories and has more than 10 world championships, but I can’t argue that many people already see Cairoli as the best ever, at times it is hard to argue that point, and still Cairoli is above names like DeCoster, Robert, Thorpe, Geboers, Jobe and so many other GP legends.


With 84 GP wins, and nine world championships the Sicilian mentioned in 2017 that he was riding better than ever, his speed in 2018 shows that despite being 32 years of age, and he will turn 33 this year, his speed is even better than in 2017. We are seeing the best Antonio Cairoli ever, and still, he isn’t winning GPs at the moment.

When Jeffrey Herlings crossed the finish line at the USGP in Florida in September of 2017, Jeffrey Herlings has proven to be the best motocross rider in the world (adding his AMA Nationals victory). 

Since that event at the WW Ranch in Jacksonville, Herlings has won seven of the last eight (9 of the last 11) Grand Prix events. Throw in his victories earlier in 2017, those GP wins in Latvia, Belgium, and Switzerland and Herlings is currently the most successful motocross rider in the world.

His moto stats since the GP of Lommel in early August of last year is, 1-1-6-1-2-DNF-2-1-1-1-3-1-2-1-1-1-2-2-1-1-1-1. Amazing stats. Add his 1-1 results at the AMA National he attended and his 2-1 from the MXoN, not to mention a bunch of 1-1 at the Dutch championship and pre-season races, and Herlings looks in total command.

At 23 years of age, he has 71 GP wins, and he could pass Cairoli for his 84 GP wins, if he can continue his current form, or winning percentage. Yes, with 15 GPs remaining in 2018, and Herlings now 13 GP wins behind Cairoli, it is very much possible.


At worst, it’s hard to see Herlings not enter 2019 right up the tail of Cairoli for GP wins, and even possible that Herlings could pass the Stefan Everts GP win tally in 2019. Of course it’s an outside chance, but it is very possible.

He would need 31 GP wins from 35 GP events in the next two years, but on current form, its hard to see him not get close. 

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All Time Current Riders GP win List

Antonio Cairoli 84

Jeffrey Herlings 71

Clement Desalle 22

Tim Gajser 15

Tommy Searle 14

Romain Febvre 12

 Gautier Paulin 12

Max Nagl 9

Kevin Strijbos 6

Max Anstie 6

Jeremy Seewer 5

Shaun Simpson 4

Valentin Guillod 3

Tanel Leok 3

Jordi Tixier 2

Jeremy Van Horebeek 2

Glen Coldenhoff 2

Arnaud Tonus 1

Benoit Paturel 1

Evgeny Bobryshev 1