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Posted on March 15, 2019

The Cycra Powerflow Intake Shrouds are the next performance leap in technology for Yamaha. These intake shrouds improve the airflow to the airbox by a whooping 40%. This eliminates the throttle lag off the bottom and allows the motor to run freer. This is done by increasing the volume and using Cycra's patented venturi effect scoops that pump air into the airbox. 4b062a66-f9cc-4597-80b7-81935253825a.jpg200f2b71-2b56-46dd-a0db-c1256ca2b44a.jpg

The shrouds have gone through extensive testing with the Factory Yamaha Race Team. From the racers input we have slimmed and simplified the shrouds to a clean one piece design instead of the complex two piece unit. The slimmer shrouds give the riders improved feel of the bike with a smooth outer shell.  


-Air Box Cover mates to Powerflow Shrouds for complete system -Integration of forced air inlets into the Air Box cover allows additional air intake, and eliminates need to drill holes

Features: – Model: Yamaha 2018-2019 YZ450F / 2019 250F

75a35df6-3083-4873-b2da-1c2aa530410f.jpg – Works Only with Cycra Disc Cover Mount – System protects brake rotor from rocks and debris – Prolongs brake pad life – Application: YAMAHA, HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI, KTM, HUSQVARNA
330a29dc-6808-407d-970d-a0fe134f199a.jpg 0913d9c6-c710-4f28-942f-0e86bfe28745.jpge01497bc-4b8b-4525-865b-63c37043a25c.jpgde0541e8-62c4-43e6-ac5d-66449b12e79b.jpg e209237b-b149-4bd1-8f77-f11185cecdf4.jpg99e8c3d1-5765-45c4-8fdf-0cbaa4801f96.jpgaa0db3f4-a414-4b71-a2b6-9e56bd31c53a.jpgfd9d3baf-0ad3-449d-b968-da4a93491dea.jpg Cycra ULTRA Probend CRM Wrap Around Handguards: The all new ULTRA Probends combine the premium features of Cycra handguards that customers have come to love and depend on. Cycra has improved every aspect of the new ULTRA design and configuration. From its New CRM clamp, that provides maximum bite to secure the handguards and allows for superior clearance on a wider range of bars; to its brand new (patented) CNC billet machined bar, made from 6061 aircraft quality aluminum creating a varied wall thickness and slimmer profile. New shield design that takes cues from the iconic Cycra Enduro Hand Shield to a dramatic new form with better ergonomic profile, removable dual zone ventilation system, and integrated abrasion guard with slimmer profile. Also included, the new Powergrip Bar Ends with slotted barrel allows for a more secure bite than ever before. .
The all new CRF Cycra Stadium Number Plate is completely re-designed specifically for the 2017-On CRF450R and 2018-On CRF250R. 11beb0e3-5601-49fe-af3b-6a3b4fda7bde.jpg9ff5eb05-d6c8-44eb-9d3e-f80f805010ee.jpgc7e5b3a1-19dd-44fa-ba23-81ecea43c961.jpg - Added clearance for cables  - Fork mounting tabs allow easy installation to aftermarket/stock triple clamps.  - Provides roost protection for lower triple clamps. - Integrated cable guide and crossbar strap.  - Injection molded, precise fit and finish.  - Ultra lightweight and slim.
The new Cycra Stadium Number Plate is completely re-designed specifically for the 2018-2019 YZ450F and the 2019 YZ250F. 65923114-6334-40c5-9270-3a44dc89d600.jpgd985c267-c316-4a64-88dc-144f0d6cf3da.jpg fc008a67-d782-4e3f-9d7c-565234d3be76.png03963a29-e5c3-4ff4-9759-47482bbe6442.png With added clearance for cables, fork mounting tabs allow easy installation to aftermarket/stock triple clamps and provides roost protection for lower triple clamps. Ultra lightweight and slim. The stadium plate includes zipties, Cycra Brake Cable Guide and a crossbar strap. 
FORK PROTECTOR PADS for Cycra Stadium Front Number Plates 31768f73-55b7-4c12-9222-3097e7b29b7c.jpg • NEW injected molded flexible rubber pads to provide protective barrier between fork legs and Cycra Stadium plate fork tabs.  • Prevents scratches and wear • Keeps upper fork leg area looking new • 8 Factory color ways for a subtle addition or a contrast accent color • Fits all Cycra Stadium Front Number Plates