Dutch Masters - Preview

Posted on March 15, 2019

With Jeffrey Herlings on the sidelines, somebody is finally going to win a Dutch championship and it isn't going to be the MXGP champ.

Standing Construct KTM rider Glenn Coldenhoff and Max Anstie are among the favourites, but also Pauls Jonass gets a crack at making his presence felt as he get his second run of the season.

Without doubt the toughest national championship in Europe and only behind AMA Nationals as the toughest championship in the World. Check the entry list for MXGP and MX2 to understand why.

In Axel, Holland this weekend  (16 and 17 March) more than 280 national and international riders will appear at the start on Saturday, divided over four classes. Do you want to know which MXGP heroes, national toppers and promising talents are further on? Check the participants lists!

Great system in Holland with the GP riders seeded and the others qualifying. Really a well organized and good prizemoney. No Herlings at the moment, but still a stacked MXGP and MX2 field.

Without question the most popular and well prepared national in Europe and very much a World standard series. The Dutch Masters of Motocross begins tomorrow, and a long list of very good Grand Prix riders will be involved.

Gautier Paulin, Pauls Jonass, Arnaud Tonus, Max Anstie, Glenn Coldenhoff, Calvin Vlaanderen, Jed Beaton, Jago Geerts, Davy Pootjes, Tom Vialle, Thomas Kjer Olsen, Henry Jacobi, Adam Sterry and Ben Watson lead the MXGP and MX2 rider lists, and a bunch of other leading riders will be involved.

Below is the schedule and entries


13.00u 85cc Group 1

13.30u 85cc Group 2

14.00u 125cc Group 1

14.30u 125cc Group 2

15.00u 250cc Group 1

15.30u 250cc Group 2

16.00u 500cc Group 1

16.30u 500cc Group 2


9.00 uur Free and timed training 85cc

9.30 uur Free and timed training 125cc

10.05 uur Free and timed training 250cc

10.40 uur Free and timed training 500cc


11.30 first moto ONK 85cc 20 min+1r.

12.05 first moto ONK 125cc 25 min+1r.

12.45 first moto ONK 250cc 30 min+1r.

13.30 first moto ONK 500cc 30 min+1r


14.45 second moto ONK 85cc 20 min+1r.

15.20 second moto ONK 125cc 25 min+1r.

16.00 second moto ONK 250cc 30 min+1r.

16.45 second moto ONK 500cc 30 min+1r.



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