Evgeny Bobryshev interview - Husky

Posted on November 07, 2019

Evgeny Bobryshev will be racing the 2020 MXGP championship for the PAR Homes RFX Racing Husqvarna team, based in the UK and racing the European rounds of the World championship and also the British 450 championships. Surprisingly, they might even make the trip to America and do some rounds of the AMA Nationals. We caught up with the always friendly Russian to talk about his new deal.

MXLarge: Great news about the RFX Husqvarna move. How did it come about?

Bobryshev: You know, I know Neil for a long time, and we talked, and it was easy to organize a deal.

MXlarge: Working with the guys at RFX, they are good guys and of course your good friend Neil Prince will be the team manager. How much are you looking forward to working with them?

Bobryshev: Yes, it will be really good for me. I know Neil since 2010 and I have always enjoyed working with him and we are good friends and that makes everything easy. Working next year, I know what to expect from the people there, and I know other guys from the team there and I don’t see any problems and I will enjoy it for sure.

MXLarge: Have you ever ridden a European bike before?

Bobryshev: No, I have only ever ridden Japanese bikes, so it will be interesting. We need to work out the bike, but that is what the winter is for, to get the bike sorted.

MXlarge: You will do the GP’s and the British championship; will you also do some Uk based MX Nationals rounds?

Bobryshev: No, I don’t think so, at the moment, the discussion at the moment is to maybe miss the overseas GPs and maybe do some rounds of the AMA Nationals in the US. With this team. I mean, for sure I do British and the European GPs and the overseas, we are still talking about that, but we might do Outdoors instead. I would like to do this, it is something new and I haven’t raced in America, only some GP. I races on 85cc races in America for a few months when I was really young.

MXLarge: You really had a horrible 2019, didn’t you?

Bobryshev: It was a disaster year, a really shit one. I injured myself beginning of January, my wrist and it didn’t really heal properly and when I came back for the Grand Prix in Russia. I had a good Saturday race, I was 11th after not training much. I thought I would do the operation on my wrist soon after, but then I broke my leg in Russia and that was a tough period for me mentally. I was really down for a month after that injury. I was upset, but now, everything has changed, and my injuries are healing, and I have less pain. I am more into the sport again.

MXlarge: How are you now, your body?

Bobryshev: I am okay now; my leg is delayed with the recovery. I expected to be back on the bike in December and then it will depend on what my doctor says. I have an appointment in November.

MXlarge: I guess having never ridden a European bike and coming off your injuries, it will be hard to know what to expect results wise. I know with Shaun the team seemed happy if he was top 15. Have you talked about what you guys want from 2020?

Bobryshev: The team is great, but I would be disappointed if I didn’t finish top ten. I think I can still do that, and I think with the bike prepared correctly, we can do the best result possible. In my head, I still want to do it good as best I can. I wouldn’t be happy with top 15.

MXlarge: It is nice starting in Matterley with a British team and you have raced a lot in England.

Bobryshev: Yes, it was interesting, and I didn’t expect the calendar to be like that. It is good an English team and the British GP the first one. I hope the weather is okay.

MXLarge: What about this year’s team?

Bobryshev: I want to thank them, we didn’t have a great year, but the owner pushed really hard and I have a good relationship with them, but it just didn’t work out for us.