Faenza III - Rider Comments

Posted on September 14, 2020

Another incredible day as Antonio Cairoli marches towards a possible 10th World motocross championship. Great comments from a bunch of riders from yesterdays grand day in Faenza.

Antonio Cairoli: “Of course today I am really happy. Every race I’m feeling a little better with the conditions. This morning in time practice I struggled a lot; I was three and a half seconds away from the pace so for sure it was not a good boost in motivation for the race. But still at the beginning of the race I made some mistake, keep twisting my knee, it was difficult but with the experience I have I know how to handle these situations.  I wish Jeffrey a quick recovery, it is a pity that he’s not there. I didn’t start so good but now I wanna go for the championship and this is my goal. I’m really happy about the championship, 8 years is a lot of time but for sure I’m super happy to be there still fighting with those guys for the title. Now I’m 35 years old and this is a thing that I’ve never expected to be there at this age, anyway every time I ride, I enjoy riding at the track a lot. For sure I enjoy riding with young guys, every time I try to improve, it is more and more difficult every time but at the end, I’m really really happy and satisfied” he added.

Jorge Prado: “I’m feeling quite good with the bike at the moment. I think speed wise it’s quite good for sure the first twenty-five minutes. But I’m happy that I could get my first race win even if it was a tough day, I’m very happy. I used a lot of energy in the first race, but I really wanted that win. I give my maximum in every single race and that second race I already started with an empty tank. Yesterday was tough for me; I was feeling really bad and stayed in bed pretty much all day so I’m very happy that I can be on the podium. It’s normal that I feel powerless today, so I think I did a very good results in these circumstances” 

Tom Vialle: “After finding the first moto a bit difficult I was feeling really good in second moto. My lines were coming easily, so I was pushing and everything was flowing. I’m really happy to win again: twice in a row is fantastic. It was a really good weekend.”Jago Geerts: "I'm pretty happy with my result today. Especially my first moto was really good. I needed a few laps to find the best lines. Once in my usual rhythm I could take the lead and control untel the end. I had another good start in the second race, but dropped from second to fourth place after a small mistake. It  was very difficult to pass on this track, so I needed some time to come back into second place. Meanwhile, Vialle was already far gone. Anyway, second, fourth and again second in three Grand Prix on this tricky track: not a bad result. I'm already looking forward to Mantova, in two weeks time."       

Tim Gajser: I didn’t have a good start in either moto, they were solid and I tried to make quick passes in the beginning but I would have liked to have been nearer to the front. The first lap of the first moto I came together with Toni and I fell so I was back in the pack, eventually coming back to fifth. I was a bit disappointed but that was the result so I had to refocus for race two. I got a better start in this race and made a couple of good early passes to get into the lead. I pulled out a gap of a few seconds and controlled the race from there to get myself another moto win. It was a tough week of racing and not everything has gone my way but the championship is really close and we are all working hard in Team HRC to get the best results possible. Now there is a weekend off so I will go home and prepare myself for the next race in Mantova.           

Jed Beaton: “It feels great. It’s been a long time coming and it’s great to finally get the monkey off my back and have a great first moto. My starts weren’t the best today but I made it work, especially in the second moto. I’m really happy to finally get onto the podium this season for myself and the team. It’s extra special because it’s my first podium result for Husqvarna. I’ve had a few second-place finishes, but the first moto has let me down so it’s great to turn it around and get on the podium with two good results. My riding was good today. My bike was great so thanks to the team and we’ll build on this ahead of Mantova.”

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “Another good day in Italy. The plan for these races in Faenza was to podium at least one race, which we did on Wednesday and then another today in the first race, so it’s been a good week for me. It feels great to get another strong overall result. First moto I felt really good and comfortable on my bike. I challenged Vialle for second place and then Jed was right on me at the finish. Race two was tricky. It was slick from the track watering and I think I rode a little too cautiously. I wasn’t aggressive enough early in the race, but I pulled through to sixth and that gave me fourth overall, so I’m really happy with that and we’re consistently up front so everything’s good now.” 

Roan van de Moosdijk: “Finally two consistent motos here! I got a decent start in the first moto but I didn’t find a good feeling after crashing on the first lap two times in a row here and I just wanted to finish. I felt better coming into the second moto; my riding was smoother and in the beginning I almost passed for third. In the end I am happy with two good starts and two consistent motos. I think people know I am fast after my third pole position; now I just need to show that in the races! The whole team is now looking forward to Mantova." 

Arminas Jasikonis: “Today started great with my third pole position and then sixth in the first race. I felt great on my bike and was able to set the fastest time in qualifying, so my speed was there. Race two was going ok until I crashed. It was only a small one but my bike was up on top of a berm so it took a little longer than I’d have liked to get going again. I charged again and picked some riders off so it wasn’t great, but not a complete disaster. We’re all so close in speed in MXGP and every point counts so we’ll regroup and look forward to Mantova.”

Mitch Evans: I had another good day again and we’re still improving with sixth overall today. It’s been better each time so I’m happy with that. The first moto I didn’t get that great of a start and pushed really hard to come back to fourth so it was a good moto but I pretty much used all of my energy in that one. In the second moto I had a really good start, almost grabbing the holeshot but I had nothing left in the tank so it was just survival mode after that, with me holding on as best I could. I’m happy that I was still able to keep improving and stay healthy and be moving onto the next GP in a couple of weeks at a track I really like.

Jeremy Seewer: "In the first moto I had a decent start. I had some bar-banging with Tony [Cairoli], but luckily we did not crash. I followed [Jorge] Prado for the whole moto and I struggled to pass. He made it very difficult and I couldn't make a pass stick. I pushed, but I lost all of my energy doing so and then I crashed because I hit the limit. I did not make a mistake really – it was just something that can happen in racing. I still managed third. In the second race I got stuck behind Prado again. I could make a pass stick this time, but I already lost some ground. Honestly, I felt a bit empty. I used a lot of energy in the first race battling for the win. It just took it out of me. It's a bummer to miss the podium, but I have taken good points for the championship. I have no injuries and stuff so that is positive. Now it's time to recover and keep pushing."

Glenn Coldenhoff: “The day started good and there were a few track changes to make things different. I was fifth for a long time in qualifying and ended up sixth, but this was ok. I didn’t quite get the best start in race one and then used a lot of energy working my way through the riders towards the front. I had a much better start in race two. Came around the first turn in eighth and then came through to fifth at the finish. I wasted too much time trying to pass Prado, but it was difficult to push as the track was slick and you had to be careful. Overall, I’m not happy with the results, but not devastated either. I’ll continue to work hard and I’m looking forward to Mantova in two weeks.”

Ivo Monticelli: “It’s been a tough week in Italy, and I feel exhausted because of my stomach issue. I felt better for today but then in qualifying I twisted my ankle. I had to get it taped up for the races, so it was difficult to push at my limit. My first race was actually ok despite this. I finished 15th after a long battle with Vlaanderen so I was happy with the result considering everything. Early in race two I caught my ankle in a rut, and it was so painful. I then had a small crash and just missed out on scoring points, so this is tough for me. I now have two weeks to recover fully and I’ll be doing everything I can to be 100% for Mantova.”

Alessandro Lupino: I’m really happy, the first moto was unbelievable. I had such good speed to stay with the guys at front. The second moto the start wasn’t as good so I had to push harder from the back but we have to be happy about the result. To get ninth overall with so many factory bikes in MXGP – to beat them, it means a lot. It shows that the team do an amazing job and it’s not easy to beat them. It’s our goal and I have to thank the team for all the hard work. I am really looking forward to racing at Mantova in two weeks now. I feel that now I can push 100% every time.

Calvin Vlaanderen: Another race, another step forward and some more improvements. I think we improved a lot on the bike with the starts as you could see in the first race, we had a really great start. I was not used to the pace up front and I got shuffled back very quickly, getting passed left, right and centre. It was difficult to regroup and get a rhythm after that, it was a tough race. In the second race I started at the back, but I could fight with good lap times back to twelfth which was good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t show these lap times in the first race but we will take it and learn. We will improve for the next race and we look forward now to Mantova.

Thomas Covington: Today was a good day for me. Again, we made some progress and gained more confidence in the bike. With a better start I think I am capable of a better result but I’m happy with how things are going now. Feeling more like myself on the bike and we’re again one step closer to where I want to be.

Gautier Paulin: "In the first moto I went to pass a lapped rider and took a different line, which was like concrete. It was so hard, so I lost the front and hit the ground. I lost a lot of time. I was really disappointed. Last Sunday I had that big crash and I lost a lot of energy from it, so I really felt it in the second moto. I was really pushing but I was lacking a bit of energy. Now my main focus will be to recover and to check that my health is in order, and to recover fully and be fit for Mantova. Overall, I am pretty disappointed with these three rounds in Faenza. The first one was okay, you could really see the real Gautier riding, but I had that big crash and I have not really recovered. I am ready to do some recovery, I am ready to get back to work, to continue training and to be 100% when I get behind the gate in Mantova."

Romain Febvre: “It could have been a very good GP but on the second lap of the first race I was surprised to see a big hole in a rut; I tried to avoid it but I went outside the track and crashed. I was nearly last when I got back on the track; I came back to tenth but crashed in a corner as I was still pushing to regain positions. I restarted thirteenth to come back again to finish tenth despite two crashes. It was too much to retain any hope of a podium, but nevertheless I gave everything to come back after a mid-pack start in the second moto; I finished third, close to Cairoli. My speed was again good in both races but we struggle a little with the starts as the chase to turn one is uphill with a different grip between the gate and the first corner! We have some testing planned in our programme next week to prepared for Mantova.”

Clément Desalle: “It was much better than the previous rounds; I had less pain in my back, although it’s difficult during the last ten minutes because the pain returns. I’m pretty happy with the day apart from the starts. I had a better feeling than at the previous races, and in the second moto today I was able to make passes and gain two positions in the second half of the race. It was not an easy campaign in Faenza, but I’m pretty satisfied and now we have two weeks to prepare for the next rounds.”

Dylan Walsh: “This was a step in the right direction, I feel. I had a really good start in moto 1 and ran with the top-10 guys for a really long time. I made some good passes and picked up the pace of that group pretty well. With the level being so high I got a bit tired near the end and finished 17th. The rider on the left of me jumped the gate which caught me out a little. I worked my way up to 15th early on when I crashed and my bike got stuck in the fence. It got me so much time to get the bike out of there that I was already lapped once I could continue so I DNF’d.”

Artem Guryev: “We changed a couple of things on the bike which definitely helped to get a better feeling and improve my riding. I was not lucky with my starts today so that made it even harder. I kept going and managed 24th in the first moto but I had a crash while battling some other riders on the the first lap of the second race. Physically I’m still catching up but at least it’s getting better and better each time. I’m happy that I’m fully fit again so we can start building up for Mantova.”

Ben Watson: "I took a mediocre start in race 1, but unfortunately went off track and lost a lot of places. I had a small issue with my bike which made the race very difficult, but in the end I finished 7th. In race 2 I could move up to second behind Vialle and I was feeling really comfortable. I felt I was taking no risk at all but yet again the track was unpredictable. I just lost the front in a corner, my own mistake. I managed to get up quickly and finish in 5th place. Overall, I am happy to be leaving here healthy, the results were nothing special, but I have managed to ride on a high level."       

Ray Archer/KTM images