Ferris to replace Febvre?

Posted on March 14, 2019

Seems something is going on with Dean Ferris, as the former MX2 GP winner heads to Europe on what looks like a Singapore Airlines flight. The Aussie, who is looking for a rider in the 2019 AMA motocross championship has posted on his social media that he is heading to Europe, and leading Australian website motoonline.com.au has posted that Ferris has found a ride for the moment (story here).

“It’s kind of strange actually,” Ferris told MotoOnline.com.au. “I guess at some stage I had a fear of missing out, but I just had to realign my focus and know that I’m going onto different things now and make sure I keep going in that direction. Up until recently I didn’t really have anything on the go, so I almost contemplated coming [back], but I’m glad I’ve hung in there and some opportunities have come up now. It’s definitely strange not being there, but I’m also excited with where my career is going.”

Of course there are no shortage of injured riders in both America and Europe the Aussie could replace, but with Ferris a keen Yamaha guy, it might be Romain Febvre who is being replaced?

Of course Matterley Basin is the next round of the MXGP championship, and this is a circuit Ferris enjoys, so don't be surprised to see something a little special from the Aussie, although lets not forget how tough the MXGP championship is.

We are in contact with Dean, and will try and bring more to this story when he lands in Europe.