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Fox Raceway - Rider Comments

Fox Raceway - Rider Comments

May 26

  • Interview

Jett Lawrence: “Mid-race [in Moto 2] I looked back and saw [Hunter] behind me, then I looked back again and it was Chase [Sexton]. I couldn’t let up at all. It was a great day and now I’m tied with James [Stewart] at 24-0 [in motos], which is pretty cool.”

Hunter Lawrence: “I knew the points situation [in Moto 2] and made a change [on the bike] that we’ll get better with. I just took what it gave me. I didn’t want to do anything silly. I’m stoked to put it on the box [in my first race].”

Chase Sexton: The bike has been really good outdoors and I think that comes from KTM's experience in MXGP. We're happy with this finish to be on the podium, and we still have some work to do, but it will be an evolution throughout the season. We're looking forward to Hangtown now. I went off the track at the top of the hill and thought the race was over. I picked the pace up and got close to Jett [Lawrence] on the final lap, but he picked it up [too] and that was it. We got off to a good start and will look to build on this next weekend.”

Haiden Deegan: “I’ve put in a lot of work [preparing for this championship]. I go out and grind. I put my heart into this sport and you guys saw that. Great job to Levi [Kitchen], he kept me honest the whole time and didn’t make it easy on me. I’m stoked to start the season with a win.”

Levi Kitchen: “We [Deegan and I] know each other pretty well from years training together [at Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing]. I didn’t know if I could make a push at the end. As soon as I tried, he tried. I’m stoked to come out of here with a podium and start the season off this way.”

Tom Vialle: I had a great start in the first moto, was able to lead a few laps, and I got a little tight with some arm-pump, so I finished third. Second moto, I had a crash early in the moto, so I was around sixth and came back to third. At the end of the day, of course, I wanted to do a little bit better, but we started the first round of the podium overall and I think we can only do better in the next races. I feel good with the bike and physically, so I'm really excited for Hangtown. The track was really hard to pass on and everyone was riding really well in the second moto. I just wanted to finish as good as I could in the second moto, so I’m happy with the result. I’m looking forward to next weekend [at Hangtown].”

Aaron Plessinger: "Pala was okay and it was how I expected myself to be coming into it. The first moto was really, really good, I got off to a great start and was right there on Jett [Lawrence]. I started riding tight but loosened up toward the end and got third. Second moto, unfortunately, had a crash in the first corner, so I did what I could and salvaged 12th. Seventh overall isn't the end of the world, I'll take that and we'll go to Hangtown swinging – I'm excited!"

Malcolm Stewart: For being 10 years of not racing a season opener for outdoors, it treated me well. We said we. 'd be happy with a top eight, or to be around there, and we were. When you have a season-ending injury like I had last year, it makes you miss the little things, and so far I'm just having a heck of a time here! Overall, I'm happy, we made a lot of improvements event from Moto 1 to Moto 2, and we're enjoying the moment."

Christian Craig: I didn't know what to expect coming in, but just wanted to get some gate drops, and to put my best effort in. I had a couple of crashes, a first turn pile-up in the first moto, and then in the second moto I fell on the first lap, so I made it hard on myself but I was able to come through the pack, and score some points. I am happy to be at the races again, to be back with the team, and it's a good vibe being around everybody. We'll go back to work this week and get ready for Hangtown."

Casey Cochran: It was a tough day with going down on both starts, so I had to fight from the back in the motos and ate a lot of roost today. It ended up alright, we rode pretty decent, and if we can get a good start we'll be up there in the top 10 with those guys. I will work on some starts and come out swinging again next week!"

Justin Barcia: "Had a good qualifying practice, fourth in the first one and seventh overall, so we had a good gate pick for the races. First moto, I got off to a good start and it was a good one. Second moto, also got off to a good start and was about to have a holeshot but was bumped from behind, so that cost me a few positions. I fought really hard, charged the whole moto, and I have a lot of building to do still. It's going to be a long season, the bike was really good today, and I'm looking forward to more."

Pierce Brown: "It was a decent day with 10-8 results for eighth overall. It's somewhere to start and we know where to build from now, so I'm excited to start building some momentum from here."

Jalek Swoll: “It’s a good day to leave here in the top five. Although we reached our goal, I’m also kind of annoyed as I wanted a little more. But we leave here in a position we wanted. There’s another round to go in this county and then the season really gets going. I just need to keep crushing those starts, putting myself in good positions and we will eventually be on the box, fighting for those wins.”

Joey Savatgy: “I think the day went well. Top five was the goal coming into this, so I’m a little bummed with the overall result. The speed was good in qualifying and considering I haven’t had a gate drop in a while, fifth in the first moto was equivalent to par for me. I would have liked a better start and pace in the second moto, but we just need to stick to our programme and we’ll be ok. The results will come.”

Ryder DiFrancesco: "Round 1 was good for me at Pala. The first moto was good and the second one was okay as well, but all-in-all I'm satisfied with 10th overall. It was better than last year, but I've got a couple of things to work on with 10 more rounds to go!"

Julien Beaumer: "It was a tough first round for me. I didn't ride the best and wasn't the comfiest, so we've got some work to do this week, and we'll come back out swinging at Hangtown."

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