French MX - 5000 Spectators Allowed

Posted on May 21, 2020

Interesting news that the French championship race set for August 15/16 at the Castelnau de Levis circuit will be allowed to have a normal spectator turnout, as our friend and legend GP journalist Pascal Haudiquert informed us today.

"They will run the single French championship race mid august (on the planning the same weekend as Sweden)," Haudiquert told us. "As until Sept 1st you can have events with less than 5000 people. And at Castelnau for a French race you have usually 2000/2500 spectators. They were even ready to organize (the race) mid March when the rule was maximum 1000 people!"

So if they can run races in France in August with maximum 5000 people, then we can start to feel confident that other countries will allow the same. Lets hope by September and October normal sized crowds are allowed at the MXGP rounds.